Thoughts on SpecOps 8 so far

I'm having a lot more fun with this one despite the annoyance of getting stuck on task 15 for a couple days (just like everyone else and their dog - I've moved past it now, though, and I'm currently waiting for the two-day research project to finish). I like the plot line, the range of enemies is plausible, and the weaponry looks like it could be worth trying to farm the whole set (if we knew what the last part is supposed to do). I've also had fairly good luck with the drops from Ultron and the daily spin, and managed to get not only the new footwear but also a 1000-pack of UISO, both of which should make things a bit easier for me in the long run as I won't feel as stressed to try and get everything gathered up. So, on to further thoughts:

Ultron as a multiplayer boss

  • I'm liking the Ultron shared boss mechanic in as much as it's fun to interact with your allies in a way that helps everyone involved.
  • I'm hating the shared boss mechanic in the sense of the respawn timer. Three days is a bit much. 24-48 hours would have been more acceptable in my mind.
  • Most of my allies seem to turn up with Ultron around 9:30 AM CDT (or at least that's when I've been remembering to check). Maybe there's some kind of database refresh that's going on at PD to make this happen?


  • I'm still on the "hate" side of the lockbox mechanic. Didn't like it with Magneto, didn't like it with Omega Sentinel (despite now having earned both of them). Having to essentially gamble for a hero and only end up with useless vendor trash is not a fun experience.
  • At least the shared boss gives us a better, assured chance to get boxes. The randomness of the deploys and spins in the previous SpecOps was no fun to deal with.

The Weapon Set

  • I'm still scratching my head over what the third part of the Data set (the "Oracle") will actually do. Obviously you're supposed to use Combat Analyzer first as a QA to buff your agent and put a Combat Data debuff on the enemies. Once you've got them debuffed, you then follow that up with Reboot to bump the stack of Data on any given enemy. On the next round, you plaster them with the Encephalizer to strip the Combat Data off of them and stick on a new stack of debuffs. Where does the other part fall into the equation here? Is it going to be some kind of AOE weapon that does damage and applies Weakness Located and Predictive Modeling? With a name like Oracle, that sounds plausible.

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