Boy, did PD ever drop a new bomb on the game with these babies. Allowing the heroes to go up to level 13 is a big game changer, but giving them new passives based on what you can earn in missions can definitely tip the tide of battle in a different direction.

Well, for some of the characters, at least.

Some of the new E-Iso are fantastic, and others just suck rocks. My criteria for breaking these things into the following tiers consisted of the following: 1. Is it useful on its own on the hero? 2. Is it useful in PvP for the hero? and 3. How much time and energy will it cost me to farm that sucker? Let's have a look at the ones that are worth it, the ones that are middle-of-the-road, and the ones that you shouldn't waste your time on, shall we?

The Good

Smiting E-Iso-8

Herc says "HI!" on this one, and layeth the smacketh down. I love the pun in the name, and the chance to counter AOEs with his own AOE that can potentially stun? Definitely worth it. Don't take this one for granite. Get thee to 2.1.5 and start smacking Thor around like he owes you beer money.

Instant E-Iso-8

Cable gets a chance to pre-counter with this one. You thought he was annoying before, what with being able to tap-dance around Psy attacks, hand out extra turns like they're candy, and take reduced damage from normal attacks? This will put him in a whole new level of frustration for your opponents. That's more than enough to put it in the high tier in my book. Sure, it has a high cost to get to the farming point, but considering you're going to be gunning for two potential E-Isos after the battle, that makes it worth the slog.

Fervent E-Iso-8

Also on the "annoying" front: Was WW2 Cap bad as an opponent when he countered everything under the sun with Shield Guard? Add a chance to smack the whole team an AOE ranged attack to that if you happen to pop him with a ranged attack, for twice the fun. Definitely useful and definitely worth picking up.

Accelerating E-Iso-8

Quicksilver, when properly Iso'd, is a wrecking ball on his own. Unfortunately, every time he gets popped he loses a little bit of that zip when he busts out the Tag Team. With this little piece of jewelry he'll no longer drop back a notch every time you get to shout "WHOOMP, THERE IT IS!" Pick it up, enjoy your free counter-attacks, and thank me later.

The Mediocre

Pilfered E-Iso-8

Call this one lower-mid-tier. This E-Iso is Gambit-specific and lets him double up his stacks of kinetic charges. Decent, but ultimately a wash unless they up the proc rate of his Wild Card passive. One would have to blow two rounds on Bo Roulette or get some seriously lucky innate passive procs to make full use of this passive, and by that point chances are good most of the other team would be dead. All in all, I wouldn't turn it down, but it's not one I'm going to specifically go hunting for.

Soothing E-Iso-8

Wolverine-specific, this one grants a full heal to Wolvie once per battle. That's pretty sweet, right? So why is this one in the mid-tier? The amount of time it's going to take you to farm it. Wolverine's Heroic Battle in 2.1.2 takes forever to get to. With the energy you spend farming it, you could have run some of the cheaper battle sets twice, if not three times.

Spicy E-Iso-8

Sadly, Deadpool's half of the potential E-Iso from 2.1.6 isn't quite as good as Cable's, but if the game coughs it up, we'll take it. Well Fed is more of a joke buff than anything (considering it gives a single point buff to the stats), but the Lifepool revive it grants is a good passive. That's enough to pull it out of the bottom of the barrel and put this one in the mid-tier rankings.

Savory E-Iso-8

So let me get this straight: It's Wolverine's Heroic Battle, but the E-Iso is for Deadpool? No matter. This one is a good one for DP, it's cheap to farm, and it's worth it for the puns that poke fun at Wolverine alone. It gives his L1 the Bleed it should have had from the beginning, and totally rips off Wolverine's protect effect. On its own, this one is an excellent stone for DP to have. If you manage to snag both this one and the Spicy rock, DP could really be a force to be reckoned with. (I know I'd be tempted to run him in PvP, if only for the annoyance factor!)

Inventive E-Iso-8

The placement of Spidey's stone is highly dependent on how they have the Smartest Man In The Room working. If they've set it up so that it only works with Pym and Stark then it falls solidly in the lower-mid-tier. If they ever give it back to Mr. Fantastic then that would bump it to the high end of the mid-tier.

The Useless

Caressing E-Iso-8

Rogue-specific, and ultimately a joke unless the wording on it is out of whack. This one is supposed to start you out with her Into The Fray ability already active. That's officially a moot point, because who in their right mind isn't going to open up with Rogue's Southern Comfort on her first turn? If it makes it a permanent passive then that bumps it up to the high end of mid-tier since it'll grant permanent increased Stun and Drain, but as it stands with the wording, this one isn't worth taking the time to even start the mission.

Tantalizing E-Iso-8

Spider-Woman's E-Iso, and not worth even looking twice at. Even with her recent refactor, she's still a D-list choice as a hero. Combine that with this thing being a buff to her L9 Bio-based attack and she's still a D-lister. To top it off, this heroic battle takes almost as long to get to as the Wolverine battle in 2.1.2. Unless you're farming 2.1.4 for a Restored Welrod or a Stropped Razor (or you just have to have the big pink pool noodle on a stick), don't waste your time on this one.

Enchanted E-Iso-8

You'd think the Master of the Mystic Arts would get a better specific E-Iso than this. On its own, it only has synergy with one of the good Doctor's powers. It will require one round to set it up as you'll need to drop Vapors of Valtorr on the opposing team, or bring someone with him that can set up the Attrition-based debuffs. It's cheap to farm, and might be useful at the lower levels or with the right team, but unless they further buff the Doc this one will be a pass.

Tylphotic E-Iso-8

Daredevil's pet rock falls into the same category as Doc. It's cheap to farm, but unless you've got someone else on the team to set up the debuffs that Paragon Exploter can take advantage of, it's going to be round two before he can make good use of it. Granted, this might change with his new suit from chapter 3, but we won't know until that drops. Hopefully it's sooner than "soon".

Statistical E-Iso-8

Seriously? They couldn't come up with a better name for this thing? I'm ashamed of PD on Scarlet Witch's behalf. While this one is a nice cosolation drop if you're farming 2.2.6, in the grand scheme of things it's not that hot at the higher levels. This one might be decent for a newer player who is using SW in PvP to guarantee the life gain and debuff removal, but overall there are better characters for PvP, and thusly better ways to spend your farming time.

Final Thoughts

That's my take on it. Four that are worth getting, five that are ok but not ones to rush out and try to land, and five that you can pretty much ignore unless you feel like re-running the battles and have nothing better to do.  Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments section. Let me know if you agree with me or think I'm off my rocker.

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