Spec Ops 14

Yet another event tie-in, this one with the upcoming Thor movie. We've got Heimdall - the movie version, not the comic gersion - as an Ops reward, Loki as a lockbox hero. I'm sure Scarlettolivia is over the moon at this point. :)

Preliminary Tips to Make Things Easier

As always, the usual tips:

  1. There is a full task list for the event over on the page for the Spec Op. Look at them, and you should be able to see a logical path.
  2. Get yourself 50 active allies if you don't have them already. You can collect 50 UISO in gifts from them per day and you can usually rack up anywhere from 30 to 50 more by visiting them.
  3. Be a "Good Agent Greg" and follow group boss ettiquette - don't just kill him because you can. If you leave it so he has plenty of health then all your allies can get in on collecting the Cold Iron rocks from killing him and maybe score some extra boxes in the process.
  4. Normally I'd suggest going and re-collecting all the old U-Iso links from our old e-mails from PD, but they appear to have put the kibosh on that, so we're stuck with what we can collect from our friends or are willing to buy.
  5. Ignore the deploys on the non-Epic Boss mission unless you absolutely have to. If previous ops are any guide you likely won't have to on M1 and you might have to on M3 (if its starting configuration is variable).

Optimum Paths

Mission 1

  • (Score Attack) Mid, Mid, Low, High, High, Med, 3-bird - 80 U-Iso
  • (Speed Run) Mid, Mid, Deploy, Low, High, High, 3-bird - 80 U-Iso

Mission 2

  • (Non-Epic) All battles, 1 Deploy, 3-Bird - 100 U-Iso
  • (Epic Run) All battles, All deploys, 3-bird - 140 U-Iso

Mission 3

  • 2x high threat, 2x 1-mission deploy, 3-bird - 60 U-Iso (if you get lucky)

Lockbox Tracking

Well, it was pretty much as I figured. It took me a full six dupes to get cover #7, and a full seven dupes to get cover #8. 240 lockboxes in total, 16 duplicate covers. My hat is off to anyone who got lucky with the RNG and managed to get him with fewer boxes than that.

On the upside, I did manage to get all three weapons out of the boxes in the process, for what that's worth...

Mischievous 1 Mischievous 2 Mischievous 3 Mischievous 4
Set # 24 1,2,7,14,15,18,21 8,10,11,12,13,17 9
Mischievous 5 Mischievous 6 Mischievous 7 Mischievous 8
Set # 16,23 3,4 5,20,22 6

The Path To The End

Wave One - Tasks 1-6

I knocked these out last night before going to bed. There are a few shortcuts where you don't have to burn U-ISO if you already have the heroes, so be aware of that when you get to those points.

1. Dark Times

  • Defeat 10 Dark Elves

M1 is lousy with these guys. You should be able to get this one with no problems within the first three battles.

2. To Arms!

  • Use Sif’s Leaping Slash 4 Times
  • Use Valkyrie’s Dragonfang 4 Times

If you don't have these two, you're going to have to do this one in the Spec Op. If you do have them, go nuts with them in missions outside to save a few UISO.

3. Thunderer

  • Use Thor’s Hammer Throw 5 Times

Same thing for this one - if you have Thor, do it outside the op.

4. Weapon of the Ancients

  • Defeat the Destroyer

He's the boss, and he's not really that hard to defeat. On my first run-through my Havok nearly one-shotted him with his L2, without any debuffs on Destroyer or any buffs on Havok. Knock him down, and move on to the next task.

5. Border Behemoth

  • Complete a Battle with Kurse

He's the group boss, and he should appear after you take out Destroyer. He'll show up in one of the typical classes with a pair of elves flanking him. He wasn't that hard to deal with, so be sure you leave enough health on him for your friends to be able to get their rocks off of him.

6. Face Off

Research the Dark Elf Mask in the Lab

  • Eight hours of research. Pop it in the cooker and go farm some E-ISOs or something. By now you probably have Moon Knight to level, right? Go level his looney self up.

Wave Two - Tasks 7-11

Once you've completed the research it will unlock M2 of the Spec Op. Don't just rush in there, though. Task 7 has us going back to M1 for another go-around, so we'd just as well run the whole thing instead of dropping in and out.

7. Unmasked

  • Use 5 Dark Elf Masks to break the illusions used by 5 Dark Elves

You've got it researched, so go pick up four more in the store and head for M1. Just use them in combat and you're good to go. Once you've got this one out of the way, go ahead and three-bird out the mission.

EDIT: Once again, Playdom's misleading wording strikes and shafts us out of time and resources - apparently you can use the masks outside of the SpecOps battles and it still counts toward this one.

During the progress of finishing M1 you'll probably get the Loki lockbox quest popping in. For it you have to kill 35 dark elves. Elves you kill during Kurse battles from your allies count toward this one. You may want also to make another run through M1 to get it out of the way before you head for M2 after your PvP fights if you haven't been fighting Kurse a lot - the second task in the Lockbox chain is to defeat Jotun, and they're all over M2.

8. Versus

  • Fight 5 PVP Battles

The ever-popular "fight in PVP" task, part 1. Go knock out five practice matches and you're done with this one. Heck, you don't even have to actually fight them. Just start one, and F5 out of it. When you come back, it'll have incremented your counter.

9. A Giant Problem

  • Defeat 10 Jotuns

FINALLY, we get to head over to M2. Remember, it's the one with the Epic boss. It'll only cost you 40 more to run it through to Epic, so if you have the UISO, go ahead and do it

10. Mission Accomplished

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1

With any luck you already got this one in the bag

11. Gone Clubbing

  • Create the Stone Golem Club in the Lab

Research 2! Hopefully you have the UISO to kick it off. If not, let it build up - no need to burn Gold on it this early in the game. This is a marathon, not a sprint. :)

At this point I hadn't actually finished my first Epic run of M2. Looking ahead, I think I'll hold off on finishing it - partly because I'm out of UISO (poor planning, gotta love it) and partly because several of the tasks ahead can be completed in M2. Specifically, 13 and 15. Rather than have to go back through another partial run and wait another day to get past task 15, I'm going to wait for it. I'm also going to hold off on collecting my Kurse lockboxes until I finish 13, so I can bang that one out pronto.

Looking ahead:

12. Blunt Instrument

  • Equip the Stone Golem Club
  • Use the Stone Golem Club in Combat

Easy-peasy. Hardest part of this one is waiting for the research to finish. Arm yourself and go rock someone's world.

13. Beyond Sight

  • Use Heimdall’s Vigilance 2 times
  • Use Heimdall’s Uru Blade 3 times
  • Use Heimdall’s Gjallarhorn 2 times

Heimdall is a team-up in M2 and M3. Rather than burn through M2 and have to come back and re-run it for task 15, I'm going to try to knock this one out in his miniboss battle against the Jotun. It's going to mean making sure I don't have anyone that can break out a counter-attack and I'm going to be burning items like mad to get Idris his extra turns, but it'll be worth it in the end.

14. Son of Secrets

  • Collect 5 Mischievous Lockboxes

Like I said, hold off on picking up your stuff, and you should be able to bounce past this one to #15

15. Some Enchanted Evening

  • Defeat Enchantress

And there she is, waiting for the smackdown. Go ahead and oblige her.

16. Lab Practical

  • Create the Eclipse in the Lab

This one may end up put on hold while I wait for my stocks of UISO to replenish. No worries. We're still early in the game for now.

17. Dark Side of the Moon

  • Equip the Eclipse
  • Use the Eclipse in Combat

Yeah, just do what it says. Take your new elf-stick and go lay the ZORCH down on some enemies.

18. Mission Accomplished

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2

This one might require a re-run of M2, depending on how my score looks at the end of the run against the Enchantress in number 15

19. Hoarder

  • Collect 20 Unstable Iso-8

Again, an easy one - just hold off on collecting your gifts the day this one will come up.

20. Trickster

  • Use Loki's Fog of Chaos 2 Times

21. Grim Strength

  • Fight Kurse 3 Times

22. Field Trip

  • Complete 4 Combats in Svartalfheim

23. The Accursed

  • Defeat Malekith

Regular Boss of M3

24. Mission Accomplished

  • Complete 3 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Op 14 Missions

25. Darkness Falls

  • Defeat Malekith

Epic Boss of M2

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