Wonder Man as the new Bruiser (I'm not so sure about his sprite, but I'll take a new hero!) A new weapon set. Constrictor as a Lockbox hero. Verrrrrry interesting. Here we go!

Spec Ops 10 General Tips

  • Get yourself 50 active allies, that way you can maximize your UISO gifts every day.
  • Always visit your allies every day to get extra UISO from their drops.
  • Keep any emails Playdom may send you regarding the SpecOps missions. The links in them will usually still work for the next op. (I was able to collect over 100 extra UISO on day one this way.)
  • Always go for the Epic run on Mission 1, unless you need to conserve your UISO for some reason. The Epic run will always net you more points and another chance at the Epic set weapon.
  • Wait on running every battle in any Mission that isn't an Epic boss until an optimum path has been found. That way you conserve UISO.

Spec Ops 10 Tasks Guide

Day 1

Mission 1 holds the Epic Boss. You'll need Black Cat, X-23, Thundra, and another two random hero deploys. Do the deploys as soon as you see them and you'll get to fight Baron Zemo as the Epic Boss.

On the first run through you'll have to skip trying to 3-bird to finish the tasks. That's unavoidable, but you can 2-bird it with Jack O' Lantern and Zola.

If you do run it for the Epic Boss, you will most likely walk out of the first Mission with two stars, or darned close to it.

So Shall Ye Reap - 1 of 25, Into the Fray

  • Hydra is an evil organization with designs for world domination. Their soldiers can be found in Mission 1: Hostile Takeover and Mission 3: Brother's Grim
    • Defeat 5 HYDRA Soldiers

Easy enough. Take out two battles in mission 1 and this one is done.

So Shall Ye Reap - 2 of 25, Scavenger Hunting

  • Defeat either Sandman or Jack O'Lantern in Mission 1: Hostile Takeover
    • Defeat a Mini-Boss in Mission 1

Sandman should be around after you finish task 1. Take along a strong Blaster and take him out.

So Shall Ye Reap - 3 of 25, A Friend in Need

  • Use a Distress Call

Drop a dime to your favorite ally, and you're good to go.

So Shall Ye Reap - 4 of 25, Leave No Stone Unturned

  • Complete a Deploy

You should already be doing these in the Mission. Just leave one uncollected until you get to this point.

So Shall Ye Reap - 5 of 25, Nothing Good on TV

  • Defeat Arnim Zola

He's the boss of Mission 1. Should be easy enough.

So Shall Ye Reap - 6 of 25, Build a Better Cure

  • Research the Synthesized Antidote in the Lab

Put it in the cooker and go collect your visits to your friends for more ISO.

Day 2

Pick up your gifts from your friends and go visiting to pick up whatever else you can, ISO-wise. Hit the SpecOps mission as soon as you can to get the timer started on your Red Skull, since he only pops up ever 72 hours and you want to get this ball rolling ASAP!

You basically have two options here for Mission 2. You can either do a single run at M2 and hit the mini bosses individually to do their respective tasks (Juggernaut vs, Hammerhead for Task 10 and Constrictor vs. Madam Masque for Lockbox 2) and then come back for a three-bird, or you can tapdance around Madam Masque, fight Hammerhead with Juggs, two-bird it, and then after you throw the Ionic Hammer in for research you can come back and re-do the mission again for another two-bird, this time fighting the Constrictor vs. Masque fight and leaving the Hammerhead mini boss for the two-bird. Your choice, either way should work.

Be sure to hold off on killing Strucker on your second run until your research is finished. Once that's done, go knock out the PvP fights and then come back and take him down

So Shall Ye Reap - 7 of 25, Schmidt Happens

  • Complete a Battle with Red Skull

Going to have to wait until the group battles start popping up to finish this one. Finishing #6 will kickstart that for you. Invite the ten most active players on your list, and share the lockbox love!!

So Shall Ye Reap - 8 of 25, Maggia Muscle

  • Maggia Bodyguards can be found in Mission 2: Critical Condition
    • Kill 3 Maggia Bodyguards

Just go ahead and take them out in the mission. You're going to need to clear all the Medium and High threats anyway, and if you kill ten Maggia mooks you'll sweep the first Lockbox quest as well.

So Shall Ye Reap - 9 of 25, Growing Resistance

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1

If you went for the Epic run on Mission 1, you should have this already. If you don't, it's going to suck having to bounce back over to Mission 1 just to come back to Mission 2

So Shall Ye Reap - 10 of 25, Level Playing Field

  • Mountain Crusher is Juggernaut's second ability. Juggernaut is a Team-Up in Spec Op 10 Mission 2.
    • Use Juggernaut's Mountain Crusher 4 Times

If you already have Juggernaut, you may be able to do this one outside of the Ops. Your call if you want to try it.

So Shall Ye Reap - 11 of 25, Ionic Fusion

  • The Ionic Sledge can be researched after acquiring the Ionic Hammer.
    • Upgrade the Ionic Hammer to Ionic Sledge in the Lab

Put it in the pot just like the last one, and go play some PvP or something.

Day 3

So Shall Ye Reap - 12 of 25, Staying Sharp

  • Compete in PVP to test your skills against other players. Hint: Practice matches count as battles.
    • Fight 5 PVP Battles

Hopefully you got to this one before the end of the PvP season and were able to do it in actual matches. If you didn't, I hope they get the practice matches up and running ASAP.

So Shall Ye Reap - 13 of 25, Spore Loser

  • Baron Strucker is the Boss of Mission 2: Critical Condition
    • Defeat Baron Strucker

He's a Boss character. You're the Agent. You should know what to do by now.

So Shall Ye Reap - 14 of 25, Let's Pick a Fight!

  • Ionic Punch is Wonder Man's first ability. Wonder Man is a Team-Up in Spec Op 10 Mission 1 and Mission 3.
    • Use Wonder Man's "Ionic Punch" 3 Times

Either bounce back to Mission 1 and run it again to get your 3rd star, or start wading into Mission 3

So Shall Ye Reap - 15 of 25, Recovery Efforts

  • Collect 20 Unstable Iso-8

If you held off on collecting from your friends today, this one should be a snap.

So Shall Ye Reap - 16 of 25, Adjusting Focus

  • The Ionic Cannon can be researched after acquiring the Ionic Blaster.
    • Upgrade the Ionic Blaster to the Ionic Cannon in the Lab

Final Research. Put it in the crock pot and go harvest ISOs from friend visits for the foreseeable future.

Future Events

So Shall Ye Reap - 17 of 25, Cracking Skulls

  • Fight Red Skull 3 Times

This one may take some juggling on timing. If you can score the hits on your friends' Red Skull spawns properly, you might be able to do this one in conjunction with Lockbox Quest 5

So Shall Ye Reap - 18 of 25, Vigilant Protectors

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2

So Shall Ye Reap - 19 of 25, Hot Mess

  • Use Red Hulk's Searing Smash 4 Times

Red Hulk is a Team-Up in Mission 3. Be prepared to milk this battle until you get all four swings in.

So Shall Ye Reap - 20 of 25, The Real Test

  • Win 3 PVP Battles

Hopefully Practice Mode is live by now...

So Shall Ye Reap - 21 of 25, Reconstruction

  • Use Wonder Man's "Wonders Never Cease" 2 Times

Wonder Man's fourth ability. He's usable in Mission 1 and 3. Have at it.

So Shall Ye Reap - 22 of 25, Contents Under Pressure

  • Collect 5 Coiled Lockboxes

You may want to hold off on collecting from a group boss reward to finish this one.

So Shall Ye Reap - 23 of 25, Reap the Rewards

  • Defeat Grim Reaper

Go teach him a thing or two and have some fun laying the smack down.

So Shall Ye Reap - 24 of 25, Special Operative

  • Complete 3 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Op 10 Missions

Hopefully by this point you've got this one buttoned up. If not, keep grinding.

So Shall Ye Reap - 25 of 25, Master of Evil

  • Defeat Baron Zemo

Epic run and you're done. Simple as that.

Constrictor Lockbox Quests

Binding Agent - 1 of 6, Hired Help

  • REWARD: 6 Lockboxes
  • Maggia is the world's most powerful crime syndicate. Their grunts can be found in Mission 2: Critical Condition
    • Defeat 10 Maggia Grunts

Binding Agent - 2 of 6, When a Problem Comes Along

  • REWARD: 6 Lockboxes
  • Crackdown is Constrictor's first ability. Constrictor is a Team-Up in Spec Op 10 Mission 2
    • Use Constrictor's Crackdown 3 Times

Binding Agent - 3 of 6, Armor None

  • REWARD: 12 Lockboxes
  • HYDRA Power Armor appears in Mission 1 and Mission 3.
    • Defeat 5 HYDRA Power Armors

Binding Agent - 4 of 6, HYDRA Foil

  • REWARD: 6 Lockboxes
  • HYDRA soldiers can be found in Mission 1: Hostile Takeover and Mission 3: Brother's Grim
    • Defeat 30 Spec Op 10 HYDRA Soldiers

Binding Agent - 5 of 6, Repeat Offender

  • REWARD: 12 Lockboxes
  • Fight Red Skull either on your own map or on your friends' maps for free. Red Skull respawns every 72 hours.
    • Fight Red Skull 5 Times

Binding Agent - 6 of 6, Completionist

  • REWARD: 24 Lockboxes
  • Complete missions to add points to your cumulative score. Achieve a high enough score to earn a new Mastery Star!
    • Complete 4 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Ops 10 Missions

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