• - Introduced Wonder Man, Grim Reaper, and Zola to the game universe.
  • - Two new heroes.
  • - New Weapon set.


  • - Skimped on the storyline. It touched on the history between Vision & Simon, and the rivalry between Simon and Tony, but it was only the barest of details.
  • - Weapon set had decent synergy, but overall was underwhelming.
  • - One of the heroes was Lockbox-related. If they're going to do more of these, they need to give us plenty of chances to earn enough boxes before the end of the event. Omega Sentinel was overkill on the amount we earned, this one was pretty skimpy.
  • - Baron Strucker wins the award for "Most Annoying Boss Fight To Date" in my book. Was there anything that goose-stepping schmuck DIDN'T teleport out of the way of?


The Random Number Generator was not kind to me on this op. I didn't get the daily part of the set, the Elite drop evaded me as well, and the three area drops were nowhere to be seen. All in all, it wasn't the worst SpecOp (pre-rebalancing #1 will always hold that place for me), but it darned sure wasn't the best.

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