SpecOps 9 Tasks

I swiped the list from the FB group I'm on, but the rest of the thoughts are mine. Based on what I'm seeing so far, Tasks 1-5 should be easy enough to knock out in one day. Task 1 can be completed in two battles in Chapter 1. I did the deploy for Task 2 at the same time, but you can probably knock that out outside of the Op - maybe go run 12.2 if you have Kitty. Task 3 is a no-brainer, just pick one of the two and beat them down. For Task 4, just pop a call in one of your battles, and for 5, just beat the boss. After that, throw the research in the cooker and get back to farming CP, because you're going to need it for the new LE armors for War Machine and Shellhead.

Looking Ahead

Based on what I'm seeing, I'm wagering that Task 8 will be able to be done in any mission so long as you have Iron Man's Mk42 armor (which I already bought). Mission 2 has been outed as the Epic Boss area, with deploys of Punisher, Union Jack, and War Machine, so that'll be the big kahuna for farming the weapon. I already own all of the deploy heroes, so no big deal for me, but if you don't have them then get thee to farming 12.2, pronto! Task 20 looks like it is going to require re-running either chapter 1 or 2. Hopefully there are 5 Directors in either of them, otherwise it might be another "start the mission and then abort it" scenario so you can more easily complete Task 22, which requires you to beat 4 minibosses.

DAY 1 - Tasks 1-6

1 - Field Trip

  • A.I.M. Task Icon Defeat 5 A.I.M. FieldTech Troops

If you can't do this one on your own, maybe this isn't the game for you...

2 - Helping Hand

  • Deploy Task Icon Complete a Deploy

I knocked this one out in the Op, but if you want to save 10 ISO, just go run 12.2 & deploy Kitty.

3 - From Russia With Death

  • High Threat Task Icon Defeat a Mini-Boss in Mission 1

I picked Crimson Dynamo just because I like whooping up on his Russkie backside and I hate Whiplash's built-in auto-counter.

4 - Distressed Property

  • Distress Calls Task Icon Use 1 Distress Call

Note that it says USE, not COLLECT. Drop a dime to your favorite ally during a non-Ops battle and be done with it.

5 - Titanic

  • Titanium Man Task Icon Defeat Titanium Man

I like the in-joke with his armor being old, busted tech that malfunctions half the time. After you beat him, make sure you have at least two stars. If you don't, re-run the op and only fight the hardest battles available to you, ignoring the Minibosses. You'll be able to three-bird the boss. I ended up with three stars after two runs, which means I'm sitting pretty at being 1/3 of the way done on Task 24 already. W00t!

6 - Armor Up

  • Armor Plating Task Icon Research the Armor Plating in the Lab

Put the armor on to cook for eight hours and then take a break. Go farm CP or play PvP, and when the research gets done, buy enough of them to get you three total, because you'll need them for Task 15.

DAY 2 - tasks 7-11

7 - A.I.M. to Please

  • A.I.M. ChemTech Task Icon Defeat 8 A.I.M. ChemTech Troops

Mission two is lousy with them. Chew 'em up, spit 'em out, and move on. Mission 2 also has the Epic boss, so you may just want to do every battle you come across, anyway.

8 - Missile Command

  • Missile Bombardment Task Icon Task - Use Iron Man Mk 42's Missile Bombardment 3 Times

You can knock this one out without being in SpecOps if you've got the Mk42 armor. Go run a regular mission and save yourself the ISO if you've got the suit. Otherwise you're stuck waiting for a boss fight in the Op, and that sucks. We're all about expediency, right?

9 - Mission Accomplished

  • Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon  Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1

Hopefully you did this already so you can just bounce right past this one.

10 - Versus

  • PVP Task Icon  Fight 5 PVP Battles

Again, whatever flips your pancake. Run them as practice or as live battles, whichever you like.

11 - Hand Over Fist

  • Deflector Fist Task Icon  Upgrade Repulsor Fist to Deflector Fist in the Lab

Cooking time again. Throw this puppy in to bake for 24 hours, and go run some other missions. If you haven't three-starred 1 by now, you may want to work in it a bit. If you do complete and re-run 2, be sure to stop before you take out Blizzard because you'll need to knock him out to complete the next task.

Day 3 - tasks 12-16

12 - Unique Snowflake

  • Blizzard Task Icon  Defeat Blizzard

If you took my advice and waited, then you should be able to drop him like Skrillex drops the bass and move on to lucky number 13.

13 - The Friendly Skies

  • Flyby Task Icon  Use Rescue's Flyby Attack 3 Times

Stick with re-running mission 2 through the Epic for this one, if you have the heroes for the deploys. You may have to dink around with using items in the Epic battle to drag it out long enough to get her through three runs of it, but it'll be worth it to get this one out of the way. Plus it beats the snot out of having to yo-yo back and forth between Missions 2 and 3.

14 - Gladiator

  • PVP Task Icon  Win 3 PVP Battles

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?!? You know what to do by now.

15 - Play Defense

  • Armor Plating Task Icon  Use 3 Armor Platings in Combat

Pop 'em open in a non-Ops battle and be done with it. You should be able to get this one done pronto if you bought them earlier.

16 - Swords to Plowshares

  • Ferric Shield Task Icon  Upgrade the Ferric Blade to the Ferric Shield in the Lab

Ahh, the inevitable 48-hour research. You needed some downtime, right? Run Mission 2 up to having at least two stars during the downtime, if you haven't got them already. Then make sure you have Mission 2 back around to the start before this finishes so you can pick up the ball and run with it once the research is done.

Day 5 and beyond

Yep, Day 5. Maybe later, depending on when I get the research started. It takes two days for the research, after all - unless you're the type to spend Gold on speeding it up, but why waste a limited resource on something that just takes time to complete? No major rush, though - we have plenty of time at this point, and what's one more hero in your roster (other than a slight PvP bonus)?

PROTIP: Hold off on collecting the ISO from your friends' gifts today unless you're totally hurting for them. If you are, be sure to leave at least 10 uncollected so you can quickly finish task 21 when you get to it.

17 - Mechanic

  • High Threat Task Icon  Defeat 2 Mini-Bosses in Mission 2

So much for three-birding it on this run, eh?

18 - Star Search

  • Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon  Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2

Hopefully you did this already - right?

19 - Enforced Treaty

  • Protector Protocol Task Icon  Use Rescue's Protector Protocol 3 Times

Go ahead and run Mission 3 to start this one. Take out Whiplash & Dynamo, and use it 3x in the process.

20 - Directionless

  • A.I.M. Director Task Icon  Defeat 5 A.I.M. Directors

After you finish 19, you can roll right into this one by fighting the High Threats in Mission 3. Leave Titanium Man & Blizzard for a 2-bird on the boss, then re-run it to pick up the last two directors. DON'T TOUCH THE MINIBOSSES ON YOUR SECOND RUN until you've picked off two high-threats to get the last two directors. If you leave them, you can nail 22 as 23 in short succession after picking up 21.

21 - Resource Management

  • Red Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon  Collect 10 Unstable Iso-8

Good things come to those who wait to pick up their ISO :)

22 - Who's The Boss

  • High Threat Task Icon  Defeat 4 Spec Op 9 Mini-Bosses

This one is even easier than expected. The two miniboss fights on Mission 3 both count as TWO minibosses defeated. If you managed to two-star Mission 3 on your first run then you can pick up this one by beating the minibosses in separate fights on Mission 3. Granted, it screws your chances at three-birding Savin, but it lets you get two birds with one stone on one pass at Mission 3.

23 - Going to Extremes

  • Savin Task Icon  Defeat Savin

Mission 3. Get to it, soldier...

24 - The Stars Align

  • Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon  Complete 3 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Op 9 Missions

A no-brainer. Just re-run whatever missions you're lacking on, and try to be as efficient as possible.

25 - Red White and Blue

  • War Machine 2 Task Icon  Defeat the Iron Patriot Armor

MISSION TWO EPIC BOSS RUN!!! Light that sucker up like a Christmas Tree, and collect your hero reward!

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