Spec Ops 11 Guide

Optimum Paths

Mission 1 Optimal Paths:

  • All threats except 1 Low, 3-Bird: 90 U-ISOs.
    • Best for points. Use this on your subsequent runs if you need to get more stars.
  • 2 Med, 1 Mini (Hood), 2 High, 2-Bird: 80 U-ISOs.
    • Use this one for farming that sweet sword!

Daily Tasks

Day 1: Tasks 1-6

I was able to complete these in one sweep of the Mission. Even though you don't need to do the deploys (there's no epic boss in mission 1), I did them anyway so I could jack my score up in that run. I finished with two stars and change, setting me up to quickly complete later tasks.

1. Hydrones - Defeat 5 Hydra Soldiers

Pretty straightforward. You have to do this one in the SpecOps mission. I hit the Medium threat and then dropped one of my heroes into a 2-battle deploy so I'd be able to finish #2 as soon as I knocked off the Easy threat and one more. A word to the wise: leave at least one Medium threat sit there as you're fighting through it. You'll thank yourself when you get to task 4.

2. Cunning Ploy - Complete a Deploy

This one can technically be done outside of SpecOps, but this early in the game I'm not hurting for ISO, so why not, eh? Three battles into the mission and I had this one done.

By this point The Hood will pop up as a mini-boss. Leave him be for now. You'll need to fight him solo later. Just keep plugging away at the other missions until Mordo shows his ugly mug.

3. Astral Rejection - Defeat Baron Mordo

Let him ramble on about resurrecting Blackheart, and then take him down to Chinatown. This shouldn't be that hard with the proper team.

4. Black and Blue - Defeat 3 Bruiser Demons

This is why we left The Hood and one Medium threat alone. The Medium threats carry two Bruiser demons, and The Hood has a couple along with him. Take out the Medium threat, then go knock off The Hood and his buddies, and put this one to rest.

5. Take Him to Task - Defeat Taskmaster

One of my favorite villains in the Marvel Universe! I really hope they decided to make him a multi-class lockbox hero later down the line. He should be fairly easy to beat solo, despite his huge repertoire of moves. That caps off the battles for the day, and if you ran the deploys in the mission then you've probably two-starred it by now.

6. Seals In Freshness - Research the Soul Jar in the Lab

Oh joy... Playdom saw fit to give us another Grief sword quest to go along with this research. Ugh. Put this one in the cooker and go take a nap or fight some PvP for the next 8 hours.


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