Maybe I'm missing something, but why do people have such a wood for Fantomex? In reading his Wikipedia article it basically sounded to me like Grant Morrison was trying to ret-con the entire swath of secret weapon projects that have existed in the Marvel Universe into one uber-program that was supposedly hidden from EVERYONE ('cause we all know how much Morrison likes a good conspiracy theory!) To do so he created a character that just seems to me like a forced-meme version of a badass, just to make him part of this program and tell everyone "no, the way you thought it was is wrong!" So we get an enhanced human who is part meat and part Sentinel, with an external nervous system (Wha??), multiple brains (double-Wha??), and is a cross between Bruce Lee, a zen manster, and a master marksman when it comes to fighting ability.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm failing to see the draw behind the character...

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