General Thoughts

18 December 2014

Bugger me sideways. Already? Ok, well at least there's a new hero and they said he's going to... OH HELL NO! NO. NOPE. That's not Nova. Hey, Playdom and Marvel:



19 December 2014

Me, this morning: "Okay, time to log in and get some morning stuff done. What's that on the news, new PvP bonus items? Yeah, I'm sure they're not worth the HOLY HELL WHAT DID THEY DO TO THE BONUSES?!?!"

Didn't notice those yet? Go have a look. I'll wait here.

You're back? Good. Tell me this season didn't just become partially Pay-to-Win and I'll call you a liar. :)

Other than that, the first five yesterday was no problem. Today, on the other hand, things got weird. Thanks to the over-abundance of the Skeptic due to last season's roulette, I ran into a lot of agents packing it - the first three battles of the day, to be exact. I've swapped out the Neurotrope for Mystic for the time being to see what happens, but so far all that's happened is that I've stopped running into teams packing Skeptic. Go figure. We'll see what happens over the next few days, as I can potentially live without the crits and free counters if it means my heroes can do full damage.

On top of that, I found myself losing to a team that I normally would have been able to walk over, but a quick check of my bonuses after the match told me why. Due to general stupidity on my part I had forgotten to re-jigger my Blaster/Tac bonus to bring a higher attack to bear. Gotta love a new PvP season dropping in the middle of a SpecOp and then forgetting to move some of your alt uniform assignments.

All things being equal, I'm still not happy with the hero being the Sam version of Nova, but I'll take it. His move set looks interesting, what with his L6/L9 moves having two separate forms depending on which L1 you used, but I still see his utility in PvP being limited because, well, Blaster. As for the gear... it'll be interesting to see how much the passive actually saps from the attacker, because if it's on Rulk-levels of broken-ness, then we're looking at something that could be pretty nasty as far as protection gear goes.

Anyway, back to the grind. I need to get to work on power-leveling Karnak, Fixer, and Molly - I'm behind the curve on all of them and need to make up time.

23 December 2014

I went ahead and switched back to Neurotrope yesterday in place of the Mystic. The "no debuffs" thing was messing up my groove with the Signpost and Coldshot. What'd I instantly see? Enemy agents with the Skeptic. I know, it's confirmation bias, but it seems awfully fishy.

On a different note, I had some Christmas money from an early gift burning a hole in my pocket and I decided to throw some cash at the game during the Gold sale. I went ahead and racked my defensive armory with the high-def items, putting my Defending team bonus at 216864 Atk/433728 Def, which is still higher on the attack than what a full set of silver-bought items will net you. I'm hoping the D team will actually pull its weight this season and get me a few more wins than it has in seasons past. I'm still on the fence about going all-in on Atk bonus items for the Offense team. I'm holding my cards until after Christmas when we can finally open the Hybrid boxes in hopes that I'll be able to get him for free, or at least at a highly-reduced cost. If not, I'll have Gold in the stash to help supplement the boxes.

On a training note, Molly is in the hopper right now on her 10-to-11 training bump, and Karnak and Fixer are at levels 9 and 8, respectively. With Fixer having his class-shift available to him I'll probably be taking him over to 1.12.2 to do some more farming & leveling. I hate having to level Blasters because all the Tacs in that mission give me a headache, and I really can't be bothered to go dig around for a different one to use since I'm still on a CP hunt to finish out my alt uniform collection.

Also, cherchez la femme? Mais non! I managed to score the 1K UISO on the roulette over the weekend, so Crystal is recruited and being leveled as well. My Attack bonus from Heroes just got that much stronger. Now it's just all about the farming to try and get the upgraded set. I don't think the set is going to be a PvP-changer, but being able to chip in on the "rocks fall" with its gun and being able to wipe Disoriented as a QA aren't half bad.

24 December 2014

So far the money that was sunk into the armory has been well-spent. The defensive team has gone 12-and-4 since Monday, and prior to that I was pulling less than a 50% win rate on D. I'm happy with those results to this point. So far I've been running standard Peast/Rulk with the agent packing Neuropurge and the Cube to assist the battle of attrition.

I also managed to trip V-league last night after running a couple extra matches, so hopefully that'll get me out of the hell of mismatches in the Diamond Mines. Based on score and percentile, I'm not that far from A-league, so I figure in a couple days I'll have that with no problems.

29 December 2014

Rage. That's about all I could feel last night as I watched my attempts at attacks fail, one after another, to bad rolls of the dice from the RNG.

Combat Communicator + Abative Helmet + Guardian badge + GG Prototype is a hell of a combo when the RNG lets the enemy agent go second (after my Nul) and then the RNG decides to let my Nul proc a counter-attack on EVERY BLOODY HIT. I sat there for twenty friggin' minutes watching the enemy agent and Nul go back and forth, chipping away at each other. I thought to myself, "Surely this can't go on forever, eventually Fatal Blow will kick in...", and then I remembered that Guardian suit Groot negates Fatal Blows. Guess what the other guy had on his team? Yep. GrootMora.

Then there was the team of Nul/Skirn, where Shulk's broken OBJECTION! kicked in (I checked, he didn't have the EISO equipped) and stopped me from dropping the rocks on the opposing team. After that I couldn't get a leg up on the other team and the wonder twins just pounded me into the ground.

Let's not forget the BSQS/Nul team that had Tag Team attached to Cage. That thing triggered after QS's first round of pounding on my Doc Strange, then Nul finished him off before he even got a turn. Both QS and Nul were hitting like a Mack truck, and I was left scratching my head as a QS > Cosmic Cardinal combo blew my agent all to hell and Nul cracked my skull in when I tried to use Neurotrope. Turns out that the player skewed his Def armory to the Attack side of things, so I'll give him props on that front. Didn't make the loss suck any less, mind you, but it was nice to see a new strategy on the block.

Finally, there was the Peast/Rulk team that had no business beating me. Agent's armory was underpowered and they didn't have their team at a full set of 14s, but agent was packing Hotshot, Signpost, and Grief, and next thing I knew my entire team had more debuffs on them than I could count and two out of the three were stunned. Follow that with Peast's ability to Exploit Attrition and I got cut to ribbons in no time flat. I tell you, when the gold sale that packs the Emp^2 Tac Trench rolls around, I'm buying in on that one so hard it's not even funny. Stun-proof agent with free buffs = everyone's worst nightmare in PvP.

On a lighter note, though, I did manage to rack up my five wins and still made headway on my score. After today's five, I'm sitting in A-league and at last check my score was 1893, with me being in the top 0.08% at rank 330. That's the highest rank I've ever held, to date, so I'm pretty jazzed about that.

31 December 2014

Last post of 2014 and it's another gripe-fest. Final week push must've started for a lot of people, because over the last two days I've been hit with 53 defensive battles. Granted, my ranking was pretty high (I had a score over 2000 at one point), but train of easy-street wins on D seems to have stopped, which was weird once I started looking at their agents. A lot of the people I dropped points to in those two days had under-specced armories and heroes that weren't fully leveled, and based on agent load-outs I suspect they were teams that my D team should have been able to take down. I have to wonder if there's some new meta-attack-team that I'm not aware of, if it was just my turn in the barrel, or if there's a wave of new cheats going around. I really wish they'd let us actually see the Attack teams that took us down so we could adjust to the meta, but those days are long gone. Oh well.

Regardless of that, it's been a fun ride so far, and I'm looking forward to the next few days to see what they'll bring on the PvP front. Hope everyone out there has a happy New Year and stays safe!

05 January 2015

After several days of frustration with Rocks Fall (if Cage can't get a turn in to drop the rocks or both agent and Strange get wiped before they can hit the other team with AOE magic, it is pretty much a given that it's a loss), I decided to take a different tack with the offensive team, and it worked out pretty well over the weekend. Everyone's favorite lil' Bruiser, Molly Hayes, has made the transition into my main team. I can hear the "Say what?" already, but hear me out. If Molly doesn't get sapped with Exhausted, she can effectively get nearly infinite turns on round 2. Even with a stack of debuffs on her, she still hits like a truck with her L1 > L2 combo. So all you really need to do is keep her alive long enough to be able to run her L6 > L6 on sequential rounds, then go to town with L9 > L1 > L2 > L1 > L2, repeat ad mortem adversarios. So, Nul and Doc are out, Molly and Bruiser HAIF are in, and my Snappy agent is packing WCD, Cube, Neurotrope, and Coulson's. I'm tempted to plug in the Staff of AskYoMomma in place of the Neuro, just to boost the healing of the WCD and Cube L2 a bit, but that's up in the air.

Also, I changed up the D team a bit. GrootMora was pretty much a no-fly after about mid-season, so I tried putting QuickLocke back in for a bit, but that really didn't do me much good either. Right now I'm running an Annoy-o-tron team of Bruiser Guardian Groot (with Big & Fast), Inf FF Invisible Woman (with her CR-EISO), and a Snappy agent with Cube, Staff of Ask, WCD, and Guardian badge. Groot and the agent get damage reduction on the front end and back end, as well as being immune to Fatal Blow. Sue keeps the shields up and wipes debuffs (unless a Peast team shows up), and Agent gets in as many turns as he possibly can every round, hopefully using the WCD in a halfway intelligent manner. It's performed fairly well for me so far, bringing my AFK wins back up out of the single digits. I'm hoping it's more of a "other guy gets ticked and forfeits" situation than that team actually killing anyone, because if they get Grooted to death... well, that'd just be an embarrassment.


Coming Soon, as soon as I have enough data points to make it worth building them.

The Teams

18 December 2014

Given the preponderance of Rulk/Peast teams that seem to still be in rotation on D, I'm going to stick with my workhorse team from last season, "Rocks fall, everyone dies":


  • Tac Empowered Armor
    • Quick EISO
  • Neurotrope
  • Deathly Freeze Ray
  • Signpost
  • Synthetic Cube

Luke Cage

  • Nul Bruiser Suit
    • Relentless EISO
  • L1: Powerful Martial A-Iso
  • L2: Powerful Martial A-Iso
  • L6: Gracious A-Iso
  • L9: Erupting A-Iso

Dr. Strange

  • Tac Modern Suit
    • Siphoning EISO
  • L1: Sorcerous A-Iso
  • L2: n/a
  • L6: Sorcerous A-Iso
  • L9: n/a

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