General Thoughts

25 November 2014

Well, technically, that's what Karnak is. Dude is one of the Inhumans, but was never exposed to the Terrigen Mists, so his abilities aren't due to any kind of mutation. Interesting concept for a character, and his move-set looks pretty deadly, so I'm on board with it. It makes me wonder how well a team-up between him and Iron Fist will work out.

That being said, I'm not going to bust my hump trying to earn him. We all know that PvP is, at best, a time sink until the last few days/hours. If it weren't for the presence of Fixer as a LB hero, I don't even know if I'd be driven to even do the five-a-day. Especially considering the crap matchmaking that I'm seeing. My score right now is over 1200. I'm in Diamond league. Yet somehow I keep getting placed against silver-league scrubs that are barely lvl 60 to my lvl 300. This makes for some frustrating battles inasmuch as I'm one-shotting (or nearly one-shotting) them and ending up with a zero score for the battle, while others who are on my same level can pick away at my score with impunity. It's darned annoying. More thoughts on the rest of the season as things develop.

26 November 2014

So far, so good. The A/D teams have been doing fairly well for me. I've been sticking to five-a-day so far, so I'm at 30 battles on attack, with a total of 32 defensive battles in the can. Out of that, I've won 20 of them, for an AFK win ratio of .625. Hey, it's better than .500, so I'll take it. I'm tempted to go ahead and bang out the last five battles I'll need to bump up to V-league tonight, if only so it'll (hopefully) put me in a better bracketing for matchmaking. Offensive matches still vary all over the place for me, so there's no accounting for what my opponents will be like. They've run the gamut from Silver all the way up to Ada-league so far, so I'm guessing that PD has thrown the 30-point-swing for matchmaking out the window (what with me being at around 1300 and some of my opponents being around 700, it's pretty pathetic).

Looking over the prizes for the ranks, I'm not quite sure what to think about the gadget. It really only has its big effect if you're Stunned, and it doesn't wipe the Stun, so you'll be dependent on some other effect (like Sue's EISO) to clear the debuff if the rest of the team was afflicted. Otherwise, you're basically burning a turn buffing the team instead of taking another action, and any other stunned teammates are S.O.L.

As expected, the armor is the real star of the show. It basically turns your agent into HAIF-Lite every other round when the Safeguard effect isn't recharging. The application of Wide Open is an added bonus, so stacking that with a weapon that can grant the agent the ability to apply Flanked (for those times when there isn't an Inf on the opposing team), such as Chitter-Chatter Box or Devil's Fang could make for a good combo with it. Heck, it might even make farming the Restored Welrod Silenced Pistol worth it, since it's obvious that thing was intended to be a Scrapper's weapon.

03 December 2014

Apparently someone leaked the GG Prototype combo / Nul exploit to the world at large, some kind of big meta shift happened in the attacking world, or it was just my turn in the barrel, because I dropped nearly 200 points overnight, from 1813 down to 1620. The D team went 0-for-13. At this point I'm tempted to stick Havok in on D since the AI has a serious wood for his Plasma Spheres. Kinda hard for a team to rack up extra turns if they're constantly exhausted.

07 December 2014

Over the last couple days I gave PKB's Sandman/Nul combo a roll and found it to be very useful, considering that Sandy hits like bulldozer doing about 90 MPH. Downside to that was that I couldn't really get him up to one-shot levels of damage right out of the gate due to my inability to run an imbalanced armory at this time. So I went looking for other alternatives. Using a big gun to lay out the enemy is all fine and dandy, but if that big gun gets taken down a few pegs due to lucky DOTs or other debuffs from the other team then that pretty much puts me as being SOL. So I got to thinking... Nul's Meteors are unremovable. They also gain another stack for each time the enemy gets hit with a ground or magic attack. Since I didn't really feel like forking over for another Erupting AISO to juice up Sandy's L9, and I REALLY didn't feel like trying to make Avalanche work in PvP, I opted to look elsewhere. Which heroes hit with Magic? There was my short list. Now which ones have decent AOE and/or DOTs? That shaved of a lot more. So the long and short of it is that the current attack team now consists of Dr. Strange in his Tac suit, Bruiser Nul, and agent in the Tac suit with Snappy Service. Doc is packing his new EISO and a pair of Combat Casting AISOs on his L1 and L6. Since Doc is a Tac, and with his passive, he can easily rack up anywhere from one to three shots on the other team in any given round. Have Nul give the other team the evil eye and then drop the rocks on round one, have Doc AOE his Vapors to jack the stacks of rocks up, and have the agent run support. It's been a win-win-win, and I've been able to go through opponents like a fat dude goes through a box of Krispy Kremes.


Coming Soon, as soon as I have enough data points to make it worth building them.

The Teams

25 November 2014

Since I had good luck with the GrootMora team in the pre-season, I really see no reason to change it up now. Agent is specced to take as many turns as he possibly can on rounds one and two, with either attack or buff-wiping capability on round one, depending on turn order and whether or not the opposing team got their buffs on or buff block going with Mystic. Gamora keeps the other side from healing up with her L2 and Doom is an added bonus if they try to Cube or Scroll it away (because the AI is too dumb to rest to clear it). Groot runs blocker for the team, which is veddy naize for keeping the others alive. The Guardian buffs allow for massive damage reduction on both the high and low end of the life bar, as well as the ability to raise a middle finger in the direction of anyone trying to use the Cube for additional Dodge capability. All in all, it's a solid attack team, and it does pretty well on defense, too.

Offense/Defense Agent

  • Tac Empowered Armor
    • Quick EISO
  • Guardian Indignia
  • Rocket Pistol
  • Signpost
  • Synthetic Cube


  • Tac Guardian suit
    • Protective EISO
  • L1: Vorpal AISO
  • L2: n/a
  • L3: Vorpal AISO
  • L4: Vorpal AISO


  • Gen Guardian suit
    • Inspiring EISO
  • L1: Powerful Martial A-Iso
  • L2: n/a
  • L3: Powerful Martial A-Iso
  • L4: Erupting A-Iso

07 December 2014

So, for kicks and grins I opted to try out a Nul team a couple days ago. While it may not have worked out to be the one-shot machine that PKB's Sandman/Nul combo is handing out, it's doing pretty good for me. I'm thinking about calling this one "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies". Full loadouts:


  • Tac Empowered Armor
    • Quick EISO
  • Neurotrope
  • Deadly Freeze Ray
  • Signpost
  • Synthetic Cube

Luke Cage

  • Nul Bruiser Suit
    • Relentless EISO
  • L1: Powerful Martial A-Iso
  • L2: Powerful Martial A-Iso
  • L6: Gracious A-Iso
  • L9: Erupting A-Iso

Dr. Strange

  • Tac Modern Suit
    • Siphoning EISO
  • L1: Sorcerous A-Iso
  • L2: n/a
  • L6: Sorcerous A-Iso
  • L9: n/a

Cover Collection

Proud Owner: TechParadox
Toolbox 1 Toolbox 2 Toolbox 3 Toolbox 4
Set # 5,6,8,10 3,7,16 20 2,9,17,18
Toolbox 5 Toolbox 6 Toolbox 7 Toolbox 8
Set # 1 11,14,15 12 4,13,19

Current Count: 200 boxes, 12 dupes

26 November 2014

As of right now, I'm 4-0 on the covers, which is pretty schweet. I managed to score the 5X Toolbox on the roulette twice so I'm one ten-pack up on where I could potentially be at this point. That being said, now that I've hit the halfway mark I expect the dupes to start flying in fast-and-furious. That means that on the pessimistic side I'm looking at a max of 260 more boxes before I have Fixer in my team.

30 November 2014

I went 5-0 on the boxes, then BOOM, dupetown. Not that it wasn't expected - once you get over five the odds of a new one on any given single pull start dropping, but it still sucks to see that roll come up as snake-eyes. I went ahead and wrapped up the latest task to get my ten freebies, which was what got me dupe number 3. 180 boxes max to Fixer, which means it's not looking good for the home team as far as getting him for free. Assuming they do the same thing as they did for Taskmaster with the 4 PvP tasks, that's another 35 boxes, tops, from those. Add on the 80 that will be left for me from daily 5's and I'm looking at a total of 115 freebies left. Unless RNGesus smiles on me and plops out the next two covers back-to-back on my next two pulls or hands me some freebies on the spins, I'm going to have to fork over some cash to get Fixer picked up.

13 December 2014

Well, it's coming down to the end, both figuratively and literally, in my hunt for Fixer. After the five dupes fiasco for cover six they gave me cover seven immediately after (praise RNGesus), but then I ended up having to fill the bar for cover eight. It's full up now, and I'm at zero boxes, so unless the roulette on the daily PvP smiles on me, I won't have Fixer until the 14th. At least I can say I was able to snag him for free, which took a lot of control on my part to keep from buying more boxes.

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