I was going to tack this onto my earlier post, but it turned out to be a bit longer than I originally expected once I got it all typed out. I figure it's worthy of its own blog post, given the word count, so here we go!

PvP 12 Postmortem

Yep, it's a late post, but given the week I'm having, I feel the tardiness is justified. (Finals Week, brought to you by the letter "C"! Fortunately it'll all be over come Friday...)

Here's a graph of the overall results over the course of the season:


As you can see, despite my best efforts on the last day, I still got bent over the barrel and The Gimp got called in. No Domino for me for at least another month. Here's the breakdown:

Overall Stats


  • Wins - 493
  • Losses - 46
  • Total - 539
  • Attack Wins - 91.5%


  • Wins - 196
  • Losses - 590
  • Total - 786
  • Overall AFK Win Rate - 24.9%

Final A:D ratio - 1:1.46

The Final Hours

I had the day off for non-gaming related reasons, so I had the good fortune to be able to play for most of the day. I managed to put in 140 attacks in the 12 hours or so I was playing, and in the same time I fielded 150 defensive battles. Unfortunately, most of those last-day defense matches were losses. I'm hopeful that the Heimdall/Rescue team I had going on D was a good stall tactic, at least. One of the guys in my FB groups noted that he had a 45-minute long battle with a Rescue/Angel/Agent with Shepherd's Staff combo. As far as stall tactics go, that one definitely takes the cake.

The meta in my region was all over the place once you got past Thor-ville, but Magneto and QS were both in frequent rotation, as was Heimdall and Rescue. Emma had a pretty good showing as well, and Cyclops and Deadpool turned up more often than I would have liked. More on them in a little bit.

I started off the day with my attack team of Heimdall / Scrapper OG DD / Tac PA agent with Mystic, Cube, WBA, and SOA. That team took me back up to the cusp of A-league, and I even yo-yo'd in and out of it in the early morning. Then the massive wave started and I couldn't make headway for crap. I tried reverting back to PKB's suggested Heimdall/QS mix (which I'd had good luck with earlier in the season), but that didn't seem to help much, either. So I decided to take a left turn into the weird.

I swapped out Quicksilver for Hank Pym.

Oh, pick your jaws up off the floor, and think about this for a bit. Hank brings his own self-buff that makes him inherently Anti-Cube on the attack. Two of his attacks are stealthy, and both of them can lay on debuffs that can make anyone relying on cube buffs or extra turns think twice. And if you manage to lay some of his exploitable debuffs on the opposing team, it can make for a nasty hit from his stomp, come round three.

So now we were looking at Heimdall / Pym / Agent, and that helped me weather the storm on attack for a while longer. Unfortunately, I still wasn't making up ground as fast as I was losing it, so I recognized that I needed to speed things up a bit. That meant one of two things - I either had to keep the opposing team from taking turns and damaging me, or ratchet up the damage I was dishing out. The solution came to me after fighting a losing attack against another team, and I once again changed up lineup.

The final team that carried me through the last two hours was a tad unorthodox, but damned if it didn't work. Heimdall / Omega Sentinel / Tac agent with WBA, SoA, Neurotrope, and Cube. I realized that I could probably take an initial debuff or two if it came right down to it, so I decided to ditch Mystic for the Neurotrope. I went from taking an average of 7 to 10 minutes to complete a battle to less than five. Heimdall buffs OS, OS buffs H-dawg, and agent can buff them both. It's a win-win-win situation, and win it did. That combo kept me afloat in the V-league range, bringing me to a finish that was decent, but not exactly what I'd hoped for.

The Takeaways

For the second season in a row, I've been able to hold my own throughout the majority of the season, only to be brought down by the end rush. I know that level has a LOT to do with it. I'm floating in the 250 range right now, so I'm right on the cusp of the killing zone, and I'm sure there are a lot of players in my range. I'm halfway tempted to go ahead and start sprinting to 300 now, so I can get it out of the way before the start of the next season. The only thing that concerns me about that would be the deficiency in my hero roster - I have the majority of my heroes at level 12 (excepting the newbies), but that drag to 13 for everyone is going to be a chore and a half, because at this point all I need for them is the time in the trainer.

Regardless of my roster woes, it's damned frustrating to see everything you've worked for all season get washed down the drain in a matter of hours, simply because the matching system puts you in more defensive battles than you can make up with your attacking battles. When I'm on the attack in the final day and get matched up against opponents of a higher level but lower Elo than me, I have to resist the urge to huck my mouse across the room. If they're going to do anything, they should be matching us against higher level, higher Elo opponents. Unfortunately, that'd mean constant recalculation of the matching pools in the last day of PvP, and we all know that PD isn't going to bother going to that trouble.

So where does that leave me? Well, I figure I have one of two options. I can either suck it up and deal with it, or I can burn a lot more time and effort earlier in the season and try to get my rating into the "untouchable" range before the massive waves start to hit in the last week. I'll have to ruminate on it and come back with some thoughts later.

Profanity-Worthy Moments

Oh boy, were there ever a lot of these. Many of mine seemed to center around two characters in particular: Cyclops and Deadpool. Heimdall ran a close third, so we'll go in reverse order and take him first.

Heimdall. The Watcher. The Guardian. The "man with the NOPE." And did he ever NOPE like there was no tomorrow. Nothing was quite so frustrating as having the perfect setup to finish off the enemy agent, only to be NOPE'd for three straight attacks. And sadly, there's nothing we can do about it, other than wait two rounds for it to expire or pray we can wipe it off of him with a buff remover. It wouldn't have been quite so frustrating if it wasn't so flippin' random. And speaking of "random"...

Deadpool. The merc with the mouth. The massive, self-resurrecting annoyance that got turned into a PvP contender thanks to the addition of some borrowed passives. Before the addition of E-Iso, this Liefeldian Deathstroke knock-off was pretty much useless. Give him free counters, two chances to not die, and non-removable self-buffs, and fighting against him becomes an exercise in frustration. Killing him three times is bad enough, but the real pain in the tail comes into play when he starts trotting out his random passives. A free, unblockable nerf is bad enough, but being able to lay down what amounts to a Stun, at random, at any time after any character's attack is a crock of excrement. And to add insult to injury, if you managed to survive and refresh, he can do it to you again, immediately! (Yes, this happened to me.) This harkens back to the days when Emma could chain together Mental Anguish and keep the opponent locked down. There needs to be some sort of counter-buff that shows up on the afflicted character once you are forced to refresh to prevent a multi-turn lockdown, or there needs to be some sort of consequence to the "Banned from PVP" debuff that shows up on DP instead of it just being a joke.

That brings us to Cyclops, in his Jim Lee togs. The things that came out of my mouth when this dude would get on a roll would make a sailor blush with shame. His ability to grant a free turn to an ally at random is darned annoying, but that's not the worst of it. Once again, PD has introduced a power to the game that completely breaks the Death mechanic, and this time it's a doozy. Instead of over-proc'ing like Wolverine and Ghost Rider, when Don't Die On Me procs on a character it essentially renders them UNKILLABLE by normal attacks until the next round. DOTs will still take them out, so there's that going for it, but you have to be able to hit them with enough to kill them on their next turn and pray that the opposing team doesn't have a Scroll or Cube left to get rid of them. PD needs to fix this ability to work as worded, or to reword it to match its current incarnation.

So there we go. Spleen is vented, and I'm somewhat back to normal blood pressure. Time to head back to farming CP and E-Iso.

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