General Thoughts

27 Nov 2013

Well, once again PD manages to introduce a crapload of content to the game right before the end of a PvP season. Stuff breaks, new weapons, enhancers, and hero uniforms appear, and you know darned good and well they won't do anything about it until after the tournament is done. I really feel sorry for those players who are having to deal with things like the Cube not extending properly or other "fixes" that have screwed their strategies. Such is life with the game, I guess - we should expect nothing less from PD by now other than we, the players, are the ones that will have to adapt and move on. As for PD, they don't always test their code, but when they do, they do it on the production servers.

13 Nov 2013

I didn't throw down any opening thoughts last night because I was tired and ready to zonk out when the new season hit. Here's the skinny: I'm sick of PvP. Last season's BS about the end of the season has burnt me out on it. I got totally reamed by the matching system in the last two hours of the game and multiple tickets back and forth with PD over the issue have basically resulted in them giving me 50 CP and the middle finger over the fact that their system screwed me out of an A-league finish. So I'm done with giving them my money, and I've let them know as such. It's going to suck for me because the game will be that much harder, but I refuse to spend a further dime of my paycheck on this game. I'll darned sure keep playing and using their resources, though.

With that being said, it's going to be an "interesting" season this go-around. Major changes to the Evasion group of avoidance effects and the big mamma-jamma of the Toolkit shot a huge hole in a lot of peoples' defensive strategies. Heimdall's "NOPE" effect is going to be a pain in the tukus. Relentless E-Iso are beastly (especially on Havok), but I haven't really seen many other E-Iso on other teams, barring the occasional generalist one on Rogue or Angel.

It's still too early in the season to see how things are going to shake out as far as meta goes. Many of the teams I've faced so far have been random in their makeup, with no clear defensive grouping arising. We'll just have to wait and see how things look once we get a couple weeks in.

As far as the lockbox chase for Sabretooth goes, we're looking at a total of 175 freebie boxes out of the matches if you play five a day, every day. That's less than half of the possible maximum it would take you to get him, but well within the realm of possibility. I have my fingers crossed that I won't have to worry about burning Gold to get the final boxes it'll take to add him to my team.

Also, Daily Thoughts will now be down at the bottom of the blog. It made more sense to stick them down there below the stats and whatnot since they'll only get longer as the season progressed.

That's it for opening thoughts. Let the games begin!

Overall Stats

Current Stats

League: Adamantium

Score: 1551

Level: 248


  • Wins - 397
    • Attacking Wins - 268
    • Defending Wins - 129
  • Losses - 335
    • Attacking Losses - 13
    • Defending Losses - 322
  • AFK Win Rate - 29%


  • Total Matches - 732
  • Total Attacks - 281
  • Total Defenses - 451
  • A:D Ratio - 1.60

Collection Status

Proud Owner: TechParadox
Fanged 1 Fanged 2 Fanged 3 Fanged 4
Set # 13,16,21 3,4,8,10,12,19 5,11,15,17,23 7,9
Fanged 5 Fanged 6 Fanged 7 Fanged 8
Set # 1 20 24 2,6,14,18,22

Total Boxes: 240

PvP Spin

  • Day 26 - Two Lockboxes
  • Day 25 - Teleporter Beacon
  • Day 24 - Ten Lockboxes
  • Day 23 - Two Lockboxes
  • Day 22 - Teleporter Beacon
  • Day 21 - Two Lockboxes
  • Day 20 - Five Battles
  • Day 19 - Five Lockboxes
  • Day 18 - Teleporter Beacon
  • Day 17 - Stygian Idol
  • Day 16 - Five Lockboxes
  • Day 15 - Five Battles
  • Day 14 - Teleporter Beacon
  • Day 13 - Five Lockboxes
  • Day 12 - Two Lockboxes
  • Day 11 - Two Lockboxes
  • Day 10 - Five Lockboxes
  • Day 9 - Wakandan Insignia
  • Day 8 - Five Lockboxes
  • Day 7 - Five Battles
  • Day 6 - Teleporter Beacon (again?)
  • Day 5 - Two Lockboxes
  • Day 4 - Teleporter Beacon (I don't have a Playstation Move in real life, why would I want one of these?)
  • Day 3 - Three Lockboxes
  • Day 2 - Five Lockboxes
  • Day 1 - Five Battles

Daily Thoughts

  • 3 Dec 13
    • Lots of people in my neck of the woods yesterday trying to rely on Mystic/Savant's Spear/Warbringer/Cube on their agent to keep their defense going. Scroll + Cube on my agent laughs in that setup's general direction.
    • Jim Lee Cyclops' DDoM is still broken as hell, granting immunity to death for at least two to three more hits beyond the turn in which it is triggered, even if Cyke is dead. DoTs are your friend, if he shows up on the opposing team.
    • Been fooling around with OG Scrapper Daredevil on the attacking team. If it weren't for the flippin' Mystic blocking any and every debuff in the first round, he'd be a force to be reckoned with.
    • Speaking of OGDD and the debuffs he can lay on the opposing team, they really need to fix the Fumbling/Hobbled combo so that it will trigger the counter-attack even if the attacker is Stealthy. I'm sick of seeing QS get a free pass on not getting counter-attacked.
    • Point of annoyance: They removed the Warbringer Axe's ability to grant an initial stack of War Frenzy at the start of the battle, but they let WWHulk keep it. Let's hear it for PD keeping things equitable, eh?
  • 27 Nov 13
    • It's worth noting that Doctor Voodoo's magic warding appears to prevent SoA from wiping buffs off the opposing team.
    • You know how Emma's Diamond Body/Organic Recovery basically cuts the damage received from an attack by a factor of 10? I had the bitch proc that in a battle this morning when I dropped Atom Smasher on the opposing team. It still took off half her life bar in the process, but that made me stop and say "DAAAAAMN" on top of my usual curses that fly in her direction. She had a full life bar, around 35,000. It should have one-shotted her like it did the rest of the opposing team. That means it hit her for around 17,500, putting the original shot at roughly 175,000 HP worth of damage.
    • I'm running into more Deadpool in PvP, with both E-Iso. He's still just as annoying as I mentioned before. The part that drives me up the wall about him is the frequency with which he procs the nerfbat and buggy. If they're going to continue to let him get away with free debuff hits and/or what amounts to a free stun then they should put some sort of repercussions on those abilities. If he procs Buggy on the opponent then the "Banned from PvP" debuff he gets slapped with should force some kind of actual debuff on him, not just be there for the "oh, ha ha, that's funny" effect. Maybe knock his currently-accumulated self-buffs off of him or something.
  • 26 Nov 13
    • Running into a guy packing Thane/Rescue in my range and man, is it ever annoying. Rescue with Snappy Service & Generosity, Thane with Generosity. The team is beatable, and if I can zap Rescue with Mystic it pretty much shuts her down, but boy does it take forever if the turn order falls wrong, the Dodgers are in town, and/or the agent gets lucky with his cube buffs.
    • I calculated out the number of boxes it would take me to get Sabretooth versus how many were left, and given my luck I decided to take a risk. Knowing that, at minimum, I was going to get another 60 out of PvP (starting tomorrow) I decided to blow a little gold. You can see the results above; the RNG decided to bend me over the barrel. So, I'm at a max of 60 boxes required to get the prize, and I get the sneaking suspicion that it's going to take me all 60 of them.
  • 25 Nov 13
    • Over the weekend I came to the conclusion that the biggest annoyance for me is still turn order. Generally, it's a pain in the backside to have to deal with a bad turn order, but it gets even more annoying when specific characters get a specific slot in the turn sequence. To wit, Jim Lee Cyclops, at the end of the round. I've done some more testing with teams that are running him, and confirmed that Don't Die On Me is still just as broken as Phoenix's resurrection power ever was. If he procs it on a teammate at the beginning of the round, that team member is essentially unkillable for at least one, if not two more hits. If Cyke is at the back end of the rotation, that means you have to sit through everyone else's turn to try and take him out. If he manages to be the last man standing and procs DDOM on himself, you basically have to waste a round beating on him, unless you have some way of inflicting DoTs on him. DoTs seem to be the one bane of DDOM.
    • Starting to run into a few more Heimdall on D. He's quite annoying when he manages to NOPE your whole team for a round. Unfortunately for the defense, I have yet to see him do anything more than his L2 > L9 and then recharge on every other turn after that. If you can sneak enough hits past him, he drops like a sack of wet laundry.
  • 21 Nov 13
    • I've been seeing LOTS of agents with Hoarfrost Mace trying to protect their heavy hitters. Makes me wonder if the recent sale had anything to do with this, or if they're dusting those off as their preferred protect weapon since the Atillan set got hosed by the Mystic.
    • Picked up five boxes on the spin today. Cracked open ten more boxes, got yet another dupe. Playdom's RNG can kiss my ass.
    • Decided to try something a little different on my defense team after reading PKB's blog and switched QS back to his green suit. I plopped in his E-Iso from 2.2.6 and I spent five of my hard-earned gold on an Aggressive E-Iso to go with it. We'll see how the team does over the next couple days with the change.
    • Just about lost my Thor on turn one to a defensive team packing Mockingbird and Rogue. Rogue had an Inspiring E-Iso on her and MB got first turn. I didn't see all the action at the start of the match because I had switched tabs and was working on something else, but I came back to it being Thor's turn and him showing about 1/5 of his health bar remaining. I'm guessing MB dropped Critical Intel, then the Morale Boost triggered, then she whacked Thor, got her class change freebie, and then proceeded to whack him twice more. If I hadn't had the Mystic, he'd have probably been dead from her exploits. Fortunately, it was his turn next and the opponent had neglected his defense. One Summon Thunder later and both MB and his agent were dead, and Rogue was set up to only take one more hit. :D
  • 20 Nov 13
    • No love from the Roulette on the lockbox front today, so no changes in the cover chase. 90 more potential boxes after today. 9 more shots at covers, with me only needing three more. Here's hoping I get lucky, but I get the sneaking suspicion that I'll be shelling out about 100 gold by the time this thing is said and done.
    • Still running into Cyclops teams where Don't Die on Me is acting wonky. It's looking more and more like if DDoM procs during a round, that character is immune to getting killed via HP loss until the next round, regardless of how many times they get hit. The effect, however, only appears to proc once. I'll do more testing to confirm (if I can).
  • 19 Nov 13
    • As was mentioned below in the comments, I'm not sure what the deal with Cyclops' "Don't Die On Me" passive. PD supposedly patched it on the 12th so that it won't trigger more than once per round. Today I had an opposing agent on her last legs. I knocked her out and Cyclops proc'd DDoM. In the same round I dropped a Summon Thunder on the remaining 2/3 of the opposing team (Cyclops and Agent), and DDoM proc'd on both of them. Something tells me that the patch they rolled out to bring in Dr. Voodoo on the 15th rolled back the Cyclops changes from the 12th.
    • Seeing more and more of various Thor in the defensive teams. Typically it's Blaster Mod, but on occasion I've run into Scrapper Mighty (which makes my HAIF very happy.) Generally it's not a problem for me if their Thor goes first as the AI frequently doesn't bother to use Inspire Bravery before trying to pop the L9 or going for the L1, and my team can survive the hit.
    • On the Thor front, Summon Thunder definitely seems to be a good solution to the DODGE, DODGE, DODGE, DODGE, DODGE problem generated by the Cube - if it doesn't kill the opposing team members outright, it'll cripple them badly.
  • 18 Nov 13
    • Blaster Modern Thor is still a force to be reckoned with, even when not buffed by Emma. I don't know if the defensive teams I've been getting matched up against are just weaksauce or what, but he's quite readily one-shotting Ares and other Bruisers with an opening Inspire Bravery > Hammer Throw (with a Warbringer buff from my agent).
    • Topped A-league for the first time today. Also level-bumped again. Trying to level five different heroes at once without having a PO4 makes for an inexorable climb up the level ladder.
    • I'm guessing the proliferation of the new Inf suit is the reason for the large numbers of Scrapper BSQS and Omega Sentinel I'm seeing in my bracket. Bruiser HAIF is loving that like there's no tomorrow.
  • 15 Nov 13
    • Picked up an attacking loss today thanks to Modern Thor and his unremovable MoM buffs. Opposition had a protector agent, my Havok and Iron Fist whiffed on their attacks against the agent thanks to Reality Hacking, and Thor blew it all to hell with his opening lightning strike that was buffed by the opposing Emma. Paint me less than thrilled with that development. If you have Thor's Modern armor, you might be able to exploit that for a few cheap wins before PD patches it, so feel free to give it a try.
    • Finished up the lockbox quests today for Creed, and managed to get myself two dupes out of the three ten-packs I opened. Not my day with the RNG, I guess. I get the sneaking suspicion that I'm going to be forking over real cash for Sabretooth if I want to have him on the team. :(
  • 14 Nov 13
    • I find it annoying as hell (and it was just as annoying last season, too) that if you kill Ares there is still a chance for the rest of the team to proc War Never Changes off your killing attack and get a free counter-attack in after he disappears from the battlefield. I'm sorry, but if he's dead then the passive shouldn't proc.
    • Good lord, Deadpool with both of his E-Iso is an annoyance. He's not an impossibility, but having to kill that little bastard three different times in one match is a drain. Even more so if the AI gets a lucky draw with its buffs from the Cube and he picks up Regeneration...
    • Is it just me, or does it seem like the Cube's Improbability Field isn't dropping nearly as many debuffs on the AI as it used to? I know it's probably just a string of bad luck, but man, it bugs me to drop it on the AI and only see four debuffs crop up on them.
    • Ran into my first Spiral in PvP today. She ain't all that. I manged to screw up my first move of the match (make darned sure that button is extended over Rest and you have your mouse in the right place before you click, kids!) and still whomped her owner handily. She tried opening with her L6, which I wiped, and then she just spammed her L1 for the rest of the match. Paint me unimpressed with her AI.
    • From here on out it's going to be five a day on the attacks, until the last week or so. I'm done with letting the tournaments of this game rule my free time.
  • 13 Nov 2013
    • Yeah, Heimdall's "NOPE" ability is going to be a PITA. Dude can shut down anything with that, stealthy, subtle, doesn't matter - your ass just sits back down and nothing happens.
    • Havok+Relentless E-Iso = "SAY JHELLO TO MAH LEETLE FRAHND!" There ain't no such thing as overkill, folks - only "open fire" and "I need to reload". Stack an Unavoidable E-Iso on there as well and he's even more beastly.
    • Still running into a lot of Rogue/Ares teams on D, just not as many as before. Rogue may not be the belle of the ball anymore, but she's still annoying as crap.
    • I'm still juggling the defense team, so once I see what the defensive meta pans out to be I'll be looking to go for a team that's counter to the counter-meta. How's that for a meta-statement? :D
    • Played around with some attacking combos last night. Soulfire Blade makes for an interesting combo on round two with Twisted Gift if you can land a Soulfire on all three enemies with the latter in round one, but that's leaving a lot up to chance since TG hits it randomly with the debuffs (if at all).

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