The End of The Line

Vibranium finish for me, but not without getting shafted. I started out the day with a score around 1800. I fought battles off and on all day long as time allowed and saw my score creep down into the 1700 range, which I didn't see a huge problem with.

And then the final two hours started. I didn't start keeping track of it until the last hour, but the basic upshot is that my number of defensive battles so massively outstripped my offensive battles that it wasn't even funny. For every battle I fought, I got stuck up against 3 to 4 other opponents. Playdom is getting a nastygram about this once I get the actual numbers worked into a spreadsheet, because it was a statistical impossibility for me to keep up with the points I was losing.

Here's the math on my final hour stats for last night. The more I look at these, the more pissed-off I get.

Final Hour Stats

31 battles - 7 attack, 24 defense

Attack Stats

  • 7 offensive battles
  • Average rate of attack: one every 8.5 minutes
  • Points gained: 104
  • Average point gain per battle: 14.857

Defensive Stats

  • 24 defensive battles
  • Average rate of defense: one every 2.5 minutes
  • Points gained: -267
  • Average point gain per battle: -11.125

1:3.42 attack to defense ratio for the last hour - for every 14.857 points I gained, I lost 38.143 points. This was with me fighting battles as fast as I could keep up - at this rate it was impossible for me to maintain position.

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