2013-10-08 - The Rogue/Ares frenzy seems to have tapered off a bit, leaving me some breathing room to play around with the attacking team. I think I've found something that works on offense, against both them and other teams. I'm still not sure what to do about defense, though the hammering I took the other day may have just been my turn in the barrel (for those of you who know that old joke... )

I know there has been a lot of complaining about Rogue, myself included, so here are some points to consider regarding her:

  1. Her powers that she absorbs count as a buff. Any kind of buff remover will get rid of them. For heroes I consider PvP-viable, this includes Ares' Crush Your Enemies, Black Widow's Flying Kick, Black Panther's Vibranium Daggers, Hellstrom's From Hell's Heart, Gambit's Royal Flush, Havok's Shattering Punch or Union Jack's Over The Top. Out of all of these, I'd call Ares and Tac Grey Widow your best bets if you want to use the hero for this ability, as their attacks are AOE and Stealthy, respectively, allowing you to get around any pesky defending agents.
  2. Angel, in his basic suit, can also rip the buffs off of her when he Generalizes her with Essence Reading. I don't know if this is by design or a fluke, but I'll take it if it works.
  3. If they have a cooldown, save your buff-removal abilities until she actually has a buff on her to remove.
  4. Despair will prevent her self-heal from Drain Essence from actually healing her. She'll still regain Stamina, but no Health.
  5. Recognize what the buffs give her. Blaster gives her auto-crits and Ignore Defense, which is brutal when she whacks you with her Brawl and its Deadly Crits. Bruiser gets her Enraged from ANY hit, not just ones from/on Scrappers. Scrapper gets her a free follow-up attack with Brawl. Infiltrator gets her Stealthy, free counters, and a 30% damage buff. Tac gets her an extra turn after any attack she makes on her turn. Generalist just gets her an across-the-board buff. Out of all of these, Scrapper is probably the least dangerous one for her to have, but they're all pretty massive.  You won't be able to do much about her counter-attacks, but if at all possible limit her options by forcing her actual attacks toward one one character or another.
  6. Also worth noting: Rogue's big two drain attacks are BIO attacks. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a Techno-Organic Endoskeleton, that will render your agent immune to them.

2013-10-02 - I've managed to blast through the PvP quest tasks up to the final few, so now I'm in "hurry up and wait" mode until I can gather the required bits for crafting.

Spacetime Shards will be the easy ones, since we can pick up at least five per day from PvP victories. The harder ones will be the last two.

Rift Essences can only be had from the store (at 10 gold a pop!) or from the PvP roulette. We have 20+ spins left on that, so hopefully we'll get lucky and land on five of them.

Incursion Fields are found in the prize draw from Incursion battles, which means we will have to farm those, or pay another 10 G a shot for them in the store. I'm not sure what the drop odds are on that thing, but out of the battles I've fought I've only been able to score one so far. Right now I'm using 2.1.6 for farming. You get one Incursion from it after you fight your first battle, making it 20 Energy for the first Incursion battle. I'm doing test runs to see what the cheapest way is to get to the second Incursion and I'll update here once I've sorted those out.

2013-10-01 - Yeah, I happen to like Sir Elton's music. And Abba. And Bowie. So sue me. :) I know that Spiral is currently an X-Force member and has been around the block a few times, but I think it would have been nice to see her classic Mojoworld costume instead. Plus, I can think of a few people I would have rather seen before her (namely, Longshot), but I'll take what I can get when it comes to characters. I definitely want to know what the heck is up with that last slot they have on her second page, too.

Also - Brace yourselves. The "PVP HEROES ARE ALL FROM X-FORCE" posts are coming. :D

Daily Observations

  • 16 October 2013
    • Rogue rebalanced? YESPLZ! I'm sure the whiners will crawl out of the woodwork, but come on, even the most hardcore of Munchkin-style players has to admit that a high-proc-rate universal counter attack that can stun is more than a little bit OP.
    • Unsurprisingly, PD once again releases a stack of content in the middle of the PvP season. I haven't seen any of the standard weapons in the S2C2 missions that look like game-breakers, but the jury is still out on the Challenge Mode versions.
    • What will be a game-breaker is the new Empowered ISO. You can kiss your Stun team goodbye from here on out.

Current Stats

League: Adamantium

Score: 1728

Level: 230


  • Wins - 346
    • Attacking Wins - 256
    • Defending Wins - 90
  • Losses - 245
    • Attacking Losses - 57
    • Defending Losses - 188
  • AFK Win Rate - 36.7%


  • Total Matches - 591
  • Total Attacks - 313
  • Total Defenses - 278
  • A/D Ratio - 0.89

Collection Status

Moot point. I was within $20 of being able to just buy the damn thing, so I did. Its L1 and L2 are ok, but if you can land that L3-L4 combo on the other team, it's "Lights Out" time for them. It makes a great cleanup tool and Swiss Army Knife on offense. On defense, I haven't really seen the AI use it to its full potential, but it might be useful to stick on your agent for the 20% dodge rate. It'll be a game-breaker on attack, not so sure on defense.

PvP Spin

  • Day 16 - Rift Essence
  • Day 15 - Five Battles
  • Day 14 - Goblin Serum
  • Day 13 - Asteroid Fragment (Much like Charlie Brown at Halloween, I got a rock.)
  • Day 12 - Five Battles
  • Day 11 - Rift Essence (Ok, now the thing is within Impulse Buy range)
  • Day 10 - Rift Essence (So close...)
  • Day 9 - Rift Essence (Two down...)
  • Day 8 - HYDRA Signet Ring
  • Day 7 - Five Battles (I need these like a hole in the head...)
  • Day 6 - HYDRA Signet Ring (They really need to remove this junk from the spinner.)
  • Day 5 - Rift Essence (It's about time...)
  • Day 4 - Asteroid Fragment (Seriously?)
  • Day 3 - Five Battles
  • Day 2 - Spacetime Shard
  • Day 1 - Soulfire Blade (Too bad I already had one. I'll take the freebie reforge, though.)

Observations Archive

  • 15 Oct 2013
    • I'm not quite sure why, but Ares seems to have a serious wood for opening up with Personal War on Emma when my attack team faces off against him. Granted, I'm assuming that's because I'm running my agent as a Blaster and Invisible Woman in her FF Blaster suit, but it's still funny to see him go gunning for her every time.
    • I'm also noticing that there are still some bugs in the triggering of passives. My agent's flashbang effect from his Blaster PA doesn't always trigger when he's attacked. It seems to happen most often when there is a huge stack of passives & debuffs on the attacker.
    • I've also noticed that Mental Anguish doesn't always proc if the target is Disoriented and attacks their own teammate. It just disappears without triggering.
    • Found another "100% Loading" bugged account - Agent Estudillo. I guess the one shining point about these accounts is eventually enough people will run into them and they'll get pushed to the top of the pack so nobody except the top .01% has to fight them, but I still think it's BS that those points are effectively removed from the tournament since nobody can beat them.
  • 13 Oct 2013
    • Chuckle-worthy battle moment of the day: I used the Cube's L1 on the opposing team. Disoriented procs on Rogue and she proceeds to use Southern Comfort on her Ares. Ares then procs War Never Changes and uses Art of War on himself!
    • Also, a word of warning - the cube's L4 ability won't hit an opponent if they're stuck in a Force Cage.
    • Third note about the cube - the Watcher's passive will happily wipe off all the Debuffs you lay on with its L3 in one shot if the enemy character didn't have any older debuffs on them (since it'll wipe stacks of debuffs in "first in, first out" order). This plays hell with the cube's L4, since it apparently won't deal any damage if the opposing characters don't have any debuffs on them (or at least it didn't the two times it happened to me).
  • 12 October 2013
    • You ever feel like there's that one agent the game sticks you up against when it wants to say "screw you, you ain't winning this one"? I have one like that. I've faced him three times, and I know I can beat him because I did it once. But if the game lets his agent go round 1, turn 1, I'm pretty much boned because he drops Protector of Attilan, Neurotrope, and Shepherd's Staff, and then comes at me swinging his Warbringer Axe. And typically right after that either Ares or Rogue chimes in and completely ganks my agent (provided I'm still alive from the initial assault) before he even gets a turn. It's right about that time that I reach for the F5. Ever wonder why I still campaign for a "Resign" button in the game?
    • On a different note, I think I have clawed my way into A-league far enough to be able to avoid getting attacked a bajillion times a day, which is nice. The down-side to that is that every defensive match I lose is usually costing me 20-25 Elo.
  • 10 October 2013
    • Agent Plante, you're welcome for the 45 MORE points the game handed you courtesy of me last night. Friggin' 100% Load Bug...
    • Did they up the proc rate on Ares' Ten-Thousand-Yard Stare? It seems to be popping a LOT more than I remember seeing it before.
    • Why is it that Rogue's Absorb Power is a six-hit attack, but Drain Essence is only a one-hit? I mean, they're both her flying in and grabbing the opponent. Why does the one that's the royal pain in the ass try to hit you six times?
    • That also makes me wonder if they didn't screw up the chance to stun on Absorb Power, like they did on Emma's War Diamond back in the day. According to the stats here, Absorb Power is supposed to have a 35% chance to Stun. Even if she hasn't dropped Southern Comfort yet during the match it seems to stun with alarming regularity.
  • 09-Oct-2013
    • Fought a dude who went out and bought himself a Cube this morning. The AI didn't touch it once in the entire match. Worst part was the innate 20% chance to miss thanks to the Reality Hacking buff.
    • Elektra's Master Assassin is running a close third to Rogue's "I'ma counter-attack everything under the sun!" and Ares' "You get an attack, and you get an attack, and EVERYONE GETS AN ATTACK - AND COUNTER-ATTACKS FOR EVERYONE, TOO!" in the race for Most Annoying Passive. It wouldn't bug me so much if you didn't have to wait for your attacker to go through with their animation when you already know they're going to bloody well miss.
    • Add Agent Plante to the list of "Jackwagons Exploiting the 100% Load Bug". 27 defending wins, zero attacking wins, score of over 1200, using a Generalist trench.
  • 07-Oct-2013
    • I would like to amend my previous statement: "Ares and Rogue. Ares and Rogue everywhere." - at least once you get above a certain point in A-league.
    • Rogue has obviously become the new belle of the defensive ball, given her ungodly high counter-attack rate and the chance at Stun granted by her counter. Best suggestions? Switch to Stealthy attacks, Psychic attacks, and use items that can debuff with Off-Balance and Cornered if you're running into a lot of her and Ares.
    • Also interesting how once I switched to a weapon & hero load-out that features those kind of attacks my pool of people I'm attacking suddenly switches to have a LOT less Rogue/Ares in it. I know that's it's supposedly not the case that the game counter-matches you, but damn if it doesn't seem like it.
    • I wouldn't have so much of a problem with Rogue's counter-attack if it was either 1) limited to attacks that only targeted her, 2) Didn't use her L2 attack, or 3) had a lower proc rate. I mean, this thing has to have a proc rate of 50% or higher, and for an attack that has a chance to stun that's just flippin' ludicrous. That'd be like making Black Widow's default counter her L6.
    • It's pretty blatant that the "I'm not dead yet" effect that we used to see all over the place is still around. I just whacked a Hulk that was standing there with under 1000 HP for well over 6000 with a hit. He stood there at ZERO HP, did his Hulk Up, and then his health bar refilled to 308 HP, and he proceeded to finish killing my agent with a Hulk Smash. Is this BS? Yes, I think it is.
  • 05-Oct-2013
    • An open note to agents "Billzskillz" and "Hermawan" (who will probably never see this): You're welcome for all the points your defensive wins are handing you, considering something in your profile is making it lock the damn game up every time I try to start a match with you. I know I'm not the only one, because your profiles show you have less than five attacking wins between the two of you, and a stack of defensive wins. I hope you both fall out of my pool of opponents, and fast, because I'm sick of having to hit F5 every time the game hangs at 100% and then seeing your mugs in my list of attacking "losses."
    • With Phoenix going back to her previous behavior, I guess I need to go back to being used to seeing a giant rock flying at my team after she does a Mind Link, every time she gets her first turn.
    • So if Cyclops is Stunned, how the hell is he going to be able to provide a "Morale Boost"? I get this mental image of him weaving on his feet like a drunk and slurring "ghet bahkinda fite..."
    • Gotta love that feeling when you hose down the opposing team with Ares' "Modern Warfare" and then Tac Grey Widow gets a double-tap on the Blaster Phoenix, dropping her like a sack of bricks. The added bonus? Opposing agent immediately tried to use the Shepherd Staff to heal the remaining members of the team. Insert evil villain laugh here. :D
  • 04-Oct-2013
    • "Ares. Ares everywhere." /buzzandwoody.jpg
    • Man, and I thought the Hoarfrost mace was annoying as hell. Guardian of Attilan is just as bad, if not worse, what with the changes to being able to protect on counter-attacks.
    • Decided to go for more volume last night when I had a little free time. I still think PD needs to implement a "resign" button for PvP so we don't have to sit through 2-3 minutes of the AI running through their scripted QA maneuvers or doing sub-optimal attacks and taking forever to kill your last man standing.
    • PD also really needs to reconsider the junk they put on the daily spin for PvP. I know this has been mentioned before by other people, but when an item you can buy in the store for Silver outclasses the bonuses on what you can get from the spin, something is wrong with this picture.
    • Fifteen attempts at farming Incursions in the last 24 hours or so. Zero more Incursion Fields to show for it, but my collection of low-end previous PvP bonus items and useless ISO is growing quite nicely. And I did manage to score two more Scrolls of Angolob, for what that's worth.
    • Speaking of... Pics of what the Synthetic Cube can do are now out in the wild. If you thought people lost their crap over the SoA being a must-have PvP item, then, as the Joker said in the 1989 version of Batman, "Wait 'til they get a load of ME."
  • 03 Oct 2013
    • I retract my previous statement in a thread regarding Phoenix being easier to kill since the change. She's about the same as she was before, the timing is just slightly different.
    • To follow in with that, I hope the turn-order whiners are happy with the changes they bitched for. The forced alternating turn order is part of what makes Phoenix a pain, because she's harder to double-tap.
    • Decided after my second loss to a Phoenix/Ares team this morning that I'm going to have to play around with the members of my attacking team. I'm halfway tempted to run Juggernaut, and I'm really wishing I had a Monstrosity right about now. Ares' AOE 40%-that-is-really-100% stun can suck it.
    • You know all those Tacs that people stick in their defense teams? Rogue says, "HOWDY SUGAH!" Her new chance to counter makes her pretty beastly in PvP and if you can sap a Tac or Inf she turns into a force to be reckoned with.
    • The Attilan set turns into a major PITA as well if the AI can get Rebuff going. If you see them packing any of the passive buffs that the set provides, be ready for the headache of dealing with an agent that ends up taking minimal damage while protecting and countering a LOT of attacks.
      • If you managed to snag a Soldering Iron from Spec Ops 7 (or the Coiled Lockboxes) or you have Bishop from last season, they can shut it down with the Obsolete Technology debuff.
      • If you don't have either of those you can still cut the damage to your agent in half if you have the Staff of Mischief from SO8 or the Splinter of Night LE weapon as they both have the Irrationality buff.
    • Scores to come later. Internet here at work is acting flaky and I can't pull up Facebook.
  • 02 Oct 2013
    • Wow... I feel sorry for anyone fighting in this PvP that doesn't have Chapter 2 unlocked or the proper heroes for the quest. They are going to get SO screwed on the collection weapon quest.
    • Jeebus, I know it's the beginning of the tournament and all, but my a/d ratio over last night is flippin insane.
    • PD also needs to get their tails in gear and get Incursions fixed. I'm sick of them locking up at 100% half the time because the enemy agent doesn't appear.
    • I'm sorry, but if I manage to Overkill Wolverine (or X-23, for that matter) by over 20,000 HP, his healing factor "I ain't dead yet" passive should NOT apply.
    • Already sick of enemy teams with their hero bonuses jacked toward Defense/Evasion/Health. Makes the battles take soooooooo loooooong.
    • I'm liking the new "no battle stats unless you click on them" start and finish to the matches. They load infinitely faster now and Flash doesn't crap itself and go into Potato mode when you try and start a match.
    • Some of the more eclectic teams I've seen this far: Ares/Squirrel Girl/Agent in the Blaster Aegis, Ares/Elektra/Agent in Bruiser Power Armor
  • 01 Oct 2013
    • I've gone up about 10 levels since the last one. Here's to hoping that the few more heroes I've been able to level up to 12 will get me a smidge more breathing room.
    • It'll be interesting to see what impact, if any, that Black Bolt and Thane make on this season. I have Thane in the cooker right now, headed for level 9. If I start to see the usual Phoenix/Cyclops teams from last season in the meta I just might have to break him out and see if he can do any good against them.
    • Ares AOE Stun is going to be annoying as hell if you don't get a turn before him.

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