Season 10 is over, ending one of the most frustrating PvP seasons I have experienced. Here are my final thoughts on the whole ordeal.

With the removal of Rescue's ability to remove Stun (and Stun-related effects) via her passive, she effectively lost her status as belle of the ball. That's fine and dandy, as far as I'm concerned. Fights with her on the defending team took forever, partially due to her ability to heal and shield the team and partially because of her ability to take anywhere from 2-4 actions per round (depending on whether you brought a Blaster to the party). It just made the whole match drag. And speaking of things that made matches drag out...

Cyclops. Friggin' GET BACK IN THE FIGHT...GET BACK IN THE FIGHT...GET BACK IN THE FIGHT... (ad nauseaum). Usually that was on top of waiting for Warbringer to process its effects after an AOE attack. The problem was that his passive with its "chance to" process was apparently set at a 100% proc rate. I realize that it's set to trigger on individual teammates following an attack on said teammate, but if they're going to have it be a 100% proc then why not just have the thing be a passive that gets cast once at the start of combat, can't be removed until Cyke is dead (like Captain America has) and be done with it? That wasn't the only thing that made Cyclops annoying as all get out. His Lvl 9, as is currently set, is broken. Combining a spammable AOE attack with a mechanic for a debuff that combines the most annoying parts of three or four other debuffs quite often made the match boil down to "whose Cyclops goes first and gets lucky with the Incap stuns?" I foresee both Incapacitated and Cyclops getting a rework.

The split teams thing was another nail in the coffin for PvP this time around. I think Playdom took the idea a bit too far in this respect. I'd be willing to wager that most players just wanted a separate load-out for their agent - the ability to slot weapons that differed from what we were packing in PvE. Instead, we got it set up so that we had to blindly set our defense team and pray that it worked. This led to cookie-cutter defense teams with the hero bonuses skewed toward Health/Defense/Evasion, which made it all too easy to beat once you found a counter-team to the Phoenix/Cyclops ubiquity. If PD is planning another patch soon and they're set on keeping this mess that they created, they need to look at giving us the at least ability to see the composition of what teams attacked us, not just the heroes the attacker owns and their attacking loadout. Even better, they should give us a battle log of what happened in each match. It wouldn't be that hard to set up the client to do a log of the heroes in the battle, the character turn order, the actions each character took/passives that triggered on their turn, and send it back to PD's servers. This would not only give the players the ability to review their losses and adjust accordingly, but it would also give PD a way of tracking potential cheaters.

All in all, I was happy with my V-league finish, because it allowed my OCD self to complete my set of lab coat armors. I was not happy, however, with the road it took to get there. I'm off to start gathering CP again for the purchase of Bishop in about a month, and I'll be wrapping up putting my heroes through the training wringer in the meantime. The 22 heroes I have camped out at level 11 and max XP will take me about 33 days to ram through the trainer provided I can keep up a solid rotation, leaving only the three newbies to get leveled and fully trained. Hopefully by that time I'll have farmed the CP necessary to buy Bishop. Who knows, maybe I'll have finally gotten a PO4 to drop, too. I've only been hunting that thing since I got War Machine on my team. After that, who knows? If the rewards are worthy next season I might play. If they're not, I'll be focusing on PvE.

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