UPDATE 5 Sep 2013

Alrightythen... I'm back in the saddle after burning some points last night and getting myself over the hump. Let the battles commence!

UPDATE 3 Sep 2013

Ok, guys, I'm getting seriously disillusioned with PvP. I thought that maybe the weekend would recharge my batteries, but if anything it's made things worse. I'm finding it harder and harder to put up with the endless sea of Cyclops, Phoenix, and Rescue. It feels like it's the same damn team with different agent faces. I'll post further here if I can get my mojo back, I promise - just bear with me while I work through this funk.

Well, well, well... here we go again! The patch has been applied to allow for separate attack/defense teams. This should make for some interesting combinations. It definitely allows for separate uniforms on the attacking & defending teams as well as weapon load-outs on the agent. I may play with the new weaponry a bit for the first few days and see what I can get out of it. 

Daily Observations

  • - Remember when PvP used to be a matter of "Whose agent goes first?" or "Whose Thor goes first?" Well, apparently it's turned into "Whose Cyclops goes first?"
  • - Worth noting: Either the Scroll of Angolob counts as a Magic attack (without having that keyword) or Iron Fist's Heroic Age suits render him immune to the SoA's effects. Or they're just plain buggy when it comes to that (what, bugs in a PlayDom game? Surely not!) I've run into the same guy twice that has him in Scrapper mode on his D team, and both times the SoA was unable to wipe the buffs that Neurotrope laid on IF.
  • - Ran into an Ares on a defensive team last night. He didn't use his L9, which led me to believe that the player didn't have him to that point yet, but he did do pretty good with proc'ing his extra attacks passive for the team. He still lost, but it was good to see some variety on D.
  • - I actually ran into a Magneto on a defensive team this morning. First one I've seen all season. It didn't end up doing the defensive player much good, though. Mags saw fit to try and use Graviton Well on my team (when my agent was the only one that was Magnetized) and promptly ate three Combat Expertise-powered counter attacks, which wiped out not only him but also most of the other team (let's hear it for QS with three stacks of War Frenzy and three stacks of Quickness!)

Current Stats

League: Adamantium

Score: 1379

Level: 215


  • To Be updated later

PvP 10 Results Graph


PvP Roulette

  • Day 22 - 10 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 21 - Empty Extremis Injector
  • Day 20 - 1 Demon Horn
  • Day 19 - 2 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 18 - 10 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 17 - 2 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 16 - 1 Reboot (Hey, it's a free reforge, I'll take it.)
  • Day 15 - 2 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 14 - 1 Demon Horn (I'm going to start turning these things into wall decorations at this point...)
  • Day 13 - 2 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 12 - 1 Five Battles
  • Day 11 - 5 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 10 - 2 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 9 - 1 Five Battles (Again?)
  • Day 8 - 10 Gold (Schweet!)
  • Day 7 - 1 Demon Horn (yay, more previous PvP Bonus junk...)
  • Day 6 - 2 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 5 - 2 Shadowy Lockboxes
  • Day 4 - 1 Five Battles
  • Day 3 - 1 Five Battles
  • Day 2 - 10 Gold (Nice!)
  • Day 1 - 1 Demon Horn

Elektra Progress

8 of 8 covers in 19 ten-box attempts

  • Current covers: All
  • Notable Items Received:
    • 3x Rebreather (PvP Bonus Item)
    • 6x CP
    • 3x Hero Mask
    • 1x Vibra-Shotel
    • 4x Limited Edition Watch
    • 1x Offensive Accelerator
    • 1x Bolt-action 4-bore
    • 1x Unstable ISO-8 (Yeah, the one from last SpecOps...)
    • 1x The Perforator
    • 2x Superpower Shackles
    • 1x B&F Icebrand
    • 1x Adamantium Knuckles
    • 2x Enchanted Crowbar (Aw yeah - about time I got one!)

Observations Archive

  • 5 September
    • Holy crap... New Iron Fist on a Phoenix team is annoying as balls. Put a few stacks of Warbringer on him and he's a one-shot full-heal machine for Phoenix.
    • I've taken to F5'ing it when it's blatantly obvious that I'm going to lose the battle - e.g. Quicksilver is the only one left on my team, he has a stack of debuffs that's going to kill him on the next turn, and the other team has more than half health left. That goes double if Cyclops is still left on the other team. Nobody has time to sit through his cheerleader routine plus the procs of Warbringer.
    • Cyclops + 3x War Frenzy + Flames of Destruction = MULTI KILL (cue the Unreal Tournament announcer voice!)
    • Also getting really sick of seeing defending agents with three QA items and a Warbringer as their loadout, with the AI burning them all on the first turn. Them: Scroll... Neurotrope... Staff... Me: OH JUST F'ING GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!!
  • 30 August
    • Had a weird run of AFK wins followed by a string of AFK losses last night. I wonder if that was related to the recent nerf to Rescue's Panacea Response?
    • Ran into an opponent using the new 64-Gold boot. It definitely made his QS hit for more crits. Fortunately I took out his Juggernaut before he had a chance to do any damage, so I don't know how it'd affect him.
    • Still leveling up in my hunt for the PO4. At this rate I feel like I'll be Spartan before I get one to drop.
  • 29 August
    • Apparently Cyclops is the new Rescue. I've run into him (and quite often a combo of him and Phoenix) on a LOT of defensive teams. Best counter I've found so far is to stick your own Cyclops on your attacking team and fight fire with fire. Or you could bring Rescue with you, so her Flyby Attack can get rid of the counter-attacks from his Evasive Maneuvers (and hopefully get rid of the Incapacitation spam from his mega-optic-blast).
    • Four fights to get myself dug out of the hole that happened yesterday (I had a bad time of it trying to get in my three wins for the SpecOps, ok?) and get back into A-league...
  • 28 August
    • Bounced out of and back into V-league today thanks to a loss up front to a team fielding BSQS when they got the first turn. How the hell is it a one-Quickness Vortex Lariat never seems to do a damn thing for me but for the AI it always seems to stun everyone?
    • Yet another reason to hate Cyclops: Apparently Incapacitated has a chance to trigger after any kind of Quick Action maneuver. I had defended a Mega Optic Blast with OS tanking the whole thing. On her turn she still had the Incap debuff. I went to switch classes and immediately after I changed classes Incap proc'd. Thinking that was BS, but still needing to switch one more over, I tried it again - and it proc'd AGAIN. I'm filing a bug report on that one - if it doesn't proc at the beginning of the turn, it damn well shouldn't proc when you try to attack or take an action.
    • Annoyingly enough, I'm seeing more and more Cyclops on defensive teams, too. I don't think he'd drive me up the wall quite so much if it weren't for the amount ot time it takes his morale boost to proc every time an AOE gets used. I mean, for ghawd's sake, we know it's going to get cast on everyone, so why not set it up to cast simultaneously on the team instead of treating it as individual procs? Or here's an idea, how about skipping casting it on the team members that are already affected by it? I mean, the damn thing lasts four rounds anyway and doesn't stack, so why should it have to be recast every time someone gets hit?
  • 27 August
    • Ran into someone packing the new $50 weapon from the Gold Sale today. Word of warning: Buff Lock can't be removed by either SoA or OS's Nanoheal. You have to wait two rounds for that crap to disappear on its own. I neglected to notice that on its tooltip when I initially looked at it.
  • 26 August
    • I would love to see the code behind some of the math the game uses, especially when it comes to deciding how much health the characters get when they get dropped to zero by an attack but miraculously are still standing there with just a few hundred health points after the damage calculations are done.
    • First Turn: My Gen BSQS, 2 attacks on his X-23, one of which makes her fire off Trigger Scent. Second Turn: Hix X-23, uses Blades of Death and applies Bleeding to everyone, and since Trigger Scent is active she then proceeds to proc Berserker Rage on EVERY member of my team. I know you don't see her that often in PvP, and I think I've voiced my opinions on that combo before, but having a single hero that can reduce the entire opposing team to less than half health thanks to a degenerate combo is bordering on ludicrous.
  • 25 August
    • Decided to go ahead and blow some of my gold from the gold sale on lockboxes. Took me another 60 boxes on top of the 130 I had previously opened to get that last cover, but now I can relax and not have to worry about whether I get those five a day in before I head out in the morning.
    • In the process I've managed to pull not one, but two Enchanted Crowbars out of the boxes. I couldn't get the boxes to drop a non-deploy weapon to save my life last time, and now I get two of the same thing. Gotta love randomness...
    • Speaking of Randomness, the damn PvP matching system has put me up against the same guy FOUR times today.
  • 24 August
    • Once again, PD forgets their promise of not introducing new stuff during PvP tournaments by rolling out a new Spec Ops. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for the new content, but you just know that it's going to change the terrain again with something they didn't properly playtest that'll be fully exploitable.
    • Speaking of "exploitable", congratulations to the people who recently got the Restored Lewis, just in time for the nerf. As I figured would happen, PD went overboard with "fixing" it. Back into the trunk it goes...
    • Got my first flash-lockup-induced loss today. Sat there for a good ten minutes waiting for Chrome to come back to a sane state before I reached for the F5. You'd think PD could do something about that. Put a loop in the program that waits for the data to come back from the PvP selection process instead of just locking up hard while it sits there waiting for a response, or something.
  • 23 August
    • Dinged a level last night during my hunt for a PO4. I figure if everyone else is going to do it, I should go back to trying to get one. :)
    • Didn't really drop too many points last night over night. Not sure if it was due to lack of defensive fights or the changes in the AFK team. I'm guessing the former over the latter.
    • Hit a couple really big wins today and got a nice boost to the score. I expect it to be gone by end of day, though.
  • 22 August
    • The combo of P5 Phoenix and P5 Cyclops can go suck a root. That is all.
    • As can Emma's magical "60% Stun" War Diamond.
    • And Phoenix's super-rock.
    • Incapacitation can be quite frustrating. I found out today that it definitely has a chance to proc on every turn when QS just sat there with his thumb up his backside after getting blasted by Cyclops' Mega Optic Blast. QS burned both of his turns the next round doing nothing because Incapacitation proc'd twice. At least Stun goes away after it procs once...
    • Can you tell I'm having a bad time of it with Stuns this morning?
    • Went away from PvP yesterday with a score of 1102. After the overnight loss I finished up my five winning battles today with a score of... 1102. Paint me annoyed.
  • 21 August
    • Dropping points while AFK, as expected. Sadly, it seems that this PvP is going to end up like all the rest, where the AI team won't be able to defend your ranking and you just have to keep attacking incessantly.
    • Not to mention, the pattern of sticking me up against agents that have lower Elo than I do when I'm attacking is still maddening. Just give me the guys that will fork over the 15-20 points per battle, Playdom, like you're doing to me when I'm AFK. That's all I'm asking...
    • Status Reset - Flyby Attack - Protector Protocol... I swear, if I see that sequence of actions one more time, I'm going to puke. It's like that meme of Buzz and Woody: "Rescue. Rescue everywhere." It's not like she's hard to beat - if you plan it properly and have a SoA she's not that infuriating. I'm just so sick of seeing her on every single stinking away team.
    • Weirdness in stats. My PVP screen shows I've made 55 attacks, but the tournament results screen shows 54. Strange. Apparently Draws don't count toward win or loss.
  • 20 August
    • Like many others who legitimately placed in Adamantium-league, I received the email with the 20 free lockboxes. That got me two more dupes. Let's hear it for Playdom "making it up" to the people who busted their asses last season. /sarcasm
    • Interesting discovery this morning that I hadn't noticed before. If you use Shepherd's Staff and rescue is on your team, the extra turn for the next round seems to disappear off of her if she uses her Flyby Attack.
    • So apparently AI Havok likes to spam Plasma Spheres if you have a Tac on your team. He didn't seem to do much else against my attackers, other than sit there and soak up damage.
    • Opposing P5 Cyclops & P5 Phoenix. His Agent gets both Fires of Truth and Flames of Destruction on the same turn, proceeds to use his SoA, and then one-shot my entire team with Hotshot. Many expletives were hurled at the monitor, including several questioning his lineage and his mother's level of promiscuity.
  • 19 August
    • I actually fought an attack battle to a Draw. The only character left was the opposing agent and he used PO4. His final AOE attack took out my last two heroes, and then he himself died. I ended up losing two points over it because apparently I was favored to win despite him having all but two heroes at level 12, a higher armory bonus, and being five levels higher than me.
    • While most of the battles today were a Phoenix/Rescue-palooza, I did run into one with Wonder Man on the defensive side. He's still a pretty nasty opponent, especially if he manages to get more than one buff from the agent's Neurotrope and can land a Hollywood Hammer.
    • Not really PvP-related, but I rolled over 7,000,000 silver over the night. By my calculations I'm going to need closer to 9 mil to get everyone else leveled from 11 to 12. It's going to be a long haul...
  • 18 August
    • Went ahead and broke my own embargo on playing more than five a day. I figure it's early enough in the season, it'll give me some extra battles to play around with the attacking team.
    • Have run into P5 Cyclops a few times. He's an annoying opponent, what with his morale boost having to be individually cast on each hero after an AOE attack hits them. Best suggestion I can give on facing him is that if your agent goes before him, hold on to your SoA so you can wipe off the team-wide buffs from his Evasive Maneuvers.
    • Still running into Phoenix and Rescue everywhere on the opposing teams. It makes for a pretty damn boring fight.
    • An agent packing a Cosmic Cardinal and a Coulson's can be pretty beastly, especially if they have teammates that can make multiple attacks per round.
    • Ran into a defensive team with the agent packing Glas Tann and a Shepherd's Staff. The AI popped both of them on the same turn in round two. Fortunately I'd taken his Phoenix out beforehand, otherwise it would have made for an annoying round three and four.
  • 17 August
    • First attacking loss today. Not surprised by it. I failed to pay attention to the enemy's buffs and debuffs and chose poorly on which person to eliminate first. The combo of Hotshot-Hard Nox is still just as viable on defense as it ever was.
    • Ran into a Cable on a defensive team today. Agent was a Ghost Tank packing the Knight. Not quite sure what the point of that was, other than maybe to have Cable give his Omega Sentinel more turns? It makes no sense to have Cable giving the tank more turns - you want him to stay phased as long as possible.
    • Noticing that a lot of opponents have fiddled with their defense loadout and set up their heroes' costumes to boost defense and evasion. I may have to look into that myself, but all it really seems to do is make the battles last slightly longer.
    • If you're using Chrome and you're sick of Flash locking up after the battle, skip the results screen. If you're quick enough, you can click the Continue button and bounce past it, saving you waiting for Flash to lock up and then come back to a normal state.
  • 16 August
    • It's nice to see that PD put sooooo much work into the PvP system. I'm still getting Flash hangs and crashes in Chrome just as much as I used to in previous seasons. All I have to do is wait until the browser comes back to a sane state, but it's still an annoyance that adds anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to each match.
    • I know the matchmaking algorithm is supposed to pick randomly from a pool of whatever, but it seems damned coincidental that when I switched my attacking agent to the Tac PA I suddenly stopped running into Blaster agents on the other team and started running into Inf agents.
    • Some people I go up against and I think to myself, "Did you slot that on your agent's load-out just because you won it in the daily roulette?" I mean, who actually packs a Flashing Eye on a defensive team?
    • Decided to go ahead and blow some Gold on lockboxes, seeing as how we're still in the early stages of the hunt and less likely to get dupes. The results? One new cover, one dupe. PD really needs to institute a system whereby you can gather up like 10 dupe covers and trade them for a single you don't have...
  • 15 August
    • I'm already seeing people in my FB groups that have Elektra recruited. I'm all for blowing your beer money on something you want to buy, but damn...
    • I'm limiting myself to 5-per-day for the time being. So far so good - Five up, five down, five wins.
    • Seeing a lot of Blaster Aegis agents on the defensive teams. I have to wonder if they're running the same on offense. I may have to consider putting my Defensive agent in the Tac Power Armor.
    • The Restored Lewis machine gun is a beast. Shell Shocked triggers even on counter-attacks, and the SoA still doesn't remove it.
    • Quicksilver still has a massive wood for attacking Kitty with Blast From The Past. I mean, really, PD?
    • I'm debating on putting Angel into his Blaster suit to bump up the Atk bonus. Not sure if I want to sacrifice over-all points to all the stats though.
  • Opening Thoughts
    • Warbringer Axe may be reforged here shortly. Brute was going to go into my rotation, but with the latest nerf I doubt I'll be putting it in on either team unless I start seeing a lot of Wonder Man/Angel/Neurotrope teams out there.

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