• - WORD OF WARNING: They removed Stun from Omega Sentinel's Neural Disruptors ability. If you use her, don't blindly fire it off and expect the enemy to be zonked out.
  • - Him: Aegis Bruiser agent w/BotG, Savant's Spear, Neurotrope, and Warbringer Axe, with Gen BSQS and Juggernaut. His heroes? Almost all lvl 12. His QS gets first shot, then he gets the next two goes after mine. My QS takes a Mountain Crusher to the face and gets whacked by a Warbringer Axe, so he's gone. My OS gets the Mirror Images up and tries to go for a stun on his agent (which was when I noticed it won't do that anymore), but takes a Blast From The Past and gets one-shotted. I'm tempted to reach for F5 but decide to see this play out. My first turn - Scroll, Signpost, Hotshot, and I get a double-stun. Sweet! I take a shot from Juggy, but he gets a pre-counter in the face for his troubles and QS is the usual stack of fleabites. Second turn - Signpost, Nox on his agent, his agent down. I take hits from QS and Juggs, with Juggs getting another axe to the face for his troubles. I'm down to bupkiss for HP at this point, but can go one more turn, and his pair are nearly dead. I fire off Signpost and then follow with Hotshot. QS goes down... but it doesn't kill Juggernaut. I'm down to 400 HP, he's sitting at around 1200, and I figure I'm toast. Juggernaut's turn comes up and he gets sapped by the Soulfire, taking him down to about 200. I'm still thinking I'm screwed. He pops his Surge of Cyttorak, and I brace myself for the kill... and then I remember I'm packing the Nox! He gets pre-countered and goes down like a sack of bricks! Moral: Never give up, never surrender!


Current League: Diamond

Score: 1253


  • Wins - 65
    • Attacking Wins - 25
    • Defending Wins - 40
  • Losses - 23
    • Attacking Losses - 2
    • Defending Losses - 21
  • AFK Win Rate - 65.6%


  • Total Matches - 88
  • Total Attacks - 27
    • Total Forced Forfeits - 2 (damnit...)
    • Total Actual Attacks - 25
  • Total Defenses - 61
  • A/D Ratio - 1:2.26 (Holy schnikies!)

PvP Roulette:

  • Day 4 - 1 Seraphim Feather (three more to go...)
  • Day 3 - 1 Five Battles
  • Day 2 - 1 Seraphim Feather (four more to go...)

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