Talk about an early morning start! PvP9 didn't go live until 12:35 AM CDT last night, but I stayed up for it. Unfortunately, by the time I got through my five battles I was too tired to give a hoot about posting results, so I skipped it and rolled them into today. Here's the box score so far:


  • - I've decided to take a more laid-back pace with PvP this season. For the first ten days I'm only going to do the daily five battles, and we'll see how my AFK team does against the slew of enemies that come at me. Based solely on what I've seen from the first overnight, it's going to be a sickening amount of defensive battles.
  • - Ionic Sledge, combined with Omega Sentinel, is a muddafuggin beast of a combo.
  • - Went ahead and upgraded the ISOs on my Quicksilver. Hadn't done that for about 30 levels. I'd forgotten how hard he hits when properly kitted out. :D
  • - Ran into one enemy that was packing PO4 in his hidden weapon slots. He tripped it off and I thought "OH CRAP" - until the agent proceeded to Recharge four times in a row. *snicker*


Current League: Gold

Score: 973


  • Wins - 22
    • Attacking Wins - 10
    • Defending Wins - 12
  • Losses - 6
    • Attacking Losses - 1
    • Defending Losses - 5
  • AFK Win Rate - 70.6% (and I'm sure this will only go down as time progresses)


  • Total Matches - 28
  • Total Attacks - 11
    • Total Forced Forfeits - 1 (damnit...)
    • Total Actual Attacks - 10
  • Total Defenses - 17
  • A/D Ratio - 1:1.55 (HOLY CRAP!)

PvP Roulette:

  • Day 2 - 1 Seraphim Feather (four more to go...)

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