Final Results

Final League: Vibranium

Final Score: 1420


Final Observations - What I liked and hated

Less of Emma! I'm not sure if this was because of an increase in the amount of Magneto & Juggernaut players out there in the meta, or if it was because of the increase in the number of Infiltrators, but either way, I'm happy to see the back of that bitch. Her borderline-OP Mental Trauma spam has ruled over PvP for far too long.

Lots of Iron Patriot in both forms, which is a testament to how overpowered his Rook-style 21-Gun Salute or Repulsors can be in the right circumstances. At the very least he'll likely take out one member of your team, and in a worst-case scenario he'll take out the whole thing. PD needs to revisit this for a rebalancing.

ShadowKitty everywhere! The proliferation of Tacs in this season brought her out in her Inf suit, in droves. This would be a headache if you couldn't just ignore her for the first two rounds, but as it turned out it was a non-issue if you could wait her out (or defang her with the Scroll of Angolob).

Inf WC Phoenix was the belle of the ball for a lot of teams, which made sense considering the large number of Tacs that had hit the field. For a team with Scrappers, though, she was pretty much cannon fodder if you knew how to juggle the turn order properly. Her Death & Rebirth effect is still chock-full of bugs, though, and that could turn a fair fight into an exercise in frustration, depending on where the effect decided to process.

Stun rules supreme! Or at least it did until Juggernaut hit the scene. Whereas previous seasons were a race to see who could break out PO4+Grief or get out their QJ the fastest, this one seemed to be all about who could score the multiple-character stun.

Second Amendment... Man, I hate that weapon. For something with a 60% Stun chance, it sure managed to hit a full 3-way stun on my team with alarming regularity. Far more so than my Hotshot ever pulled a 3-way stun on the opposing team, that's for sure.


  • Wins - 597
    • Attacking Wins - 348
    • Defending Wins - 249
  • Losses - 484
    • Attacking Losses - 60
    • Defending Losses - 424
  • AFK Win Rate - 37%


  • Total Matches - 1081
  • Total Attacks - 408
    • Total Forced Forfeits - 28 (friggin' forced refreshes...)
    • Total Actual Attacks - 380
  • Total Defenses - 673
  • A/D Ratio - 1:1.64

Constrictor Covers: 7 of 8 in 14 attempts (10-box shots)

Juggernaut Covers: 8 of 8 in 22 attempts (10-box shots)

PvP Roulette:

  • Day 21 - 1 Thermite Torch
  • Day 20 - 1 Five Battles
  • Day 19 - 2 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 18 - 2 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 17 - 1 Diamond Cutter (What, am I DDP over here? Bonus Wrestling Geek points to anyone who knows that reference...)
  • Day 16 - 1 Thermite Torch
  • Day 15 - 1 Five Battles
  • Day 14 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 13 - 1 Diamond Cutter (Yeah, that'd be great if I hadn't actually replaced all of mine with better stuff...)
  • Day 12 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 11 - 1 Phoenix Pinion (Hey, it's a free reforge. I'll take it.)
  • Day 10 - 1 Five Battles
  • Day 9 - 2 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 8 - 2 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 7 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 6 - 1 Thermite Torch
  • Day 5 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 4 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 3 - 1 Kree Bracers
  • Day 2 - 2 Lockboxes
  • Day 1 - No flippin' clue. Roulette was broken, so I had no idea what was even available. Definitely wasn't more lockboxes or Gold. Probably was one of last season's PvP items, since it was still handing out crap from then.

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