• - Another forced forfeit yesterday, this time courtesy of "The game has been updated. Please refresh your browser..." So Agent jaZZ, you're welcome for those 17 points of mine that Playdom gifted to you.
  • - The kill shots that don't kill are still in effect. I need to record this happening so I can actually post about it in the official forums.
  • - For anyone trying to finish the final lockbox quest (fight 30 PvP battles), there is a loophole in the game you can exploit to get them faster. Start a practice match, let it load to the point where you could click Continue to start the match, wait a couple seconds, and then refresh your browser. When the game reloads your battle count in the quest will be incremented by one. Just be sure to fight an actual battle for the last one, just to make sure nothing screws up.
  • - Juggernaut Recruited! Yeah, I burned gold on it, but I figure it's my gold to burn, so I'm happy with it. :)


Current League: Diamond

Score: 1304


  • Wins - 94
    • Attacking Wins - 50
    • Defending Wins - 44
  • Losses - 52
    • Attacking Losses - 9
    • Defending Losses - 43


  • Total Matches - 146
  • Total Attacks - 59
    • Total Forced Forfeits - 6
    • Total Actual Attacks - 53
  • Total Defenses - 87
  • A/D Ratio - 1:1.47

Juggernaut Covers: 8 of 8 in 22 attempts (10-box shots)

PvP Roulette:

  • Day 4 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 3 - 1 Kree Bracers
  • Day 2 - 2 Lockboxes
  • Day 1 - No flippin' clue. Roulette was broken, so I had no idea what was even available. Definitely wasn't more lockboxes or Gold. Probably was one of last season's PvP items, since it was still handing out crap from then.

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