• - They really need to fix it so that when Nightcrawler dodges it doesn't use the same POOF animation as his BAMF ability. Just a minor annoyance.
  • - Ran into my first opponent packing the Hambone scroll. The AI timed it right to get in a heal, but all in all it had minimal effect on the match. Definitely qualifies as Light Baloney.
  • - AFK battles are just as "swingy" as they were before. I fought a couple more attacks last night before knocking off. Woke up to a +3 score - as the result of being attacked 18 times overnight (compared to my eight total attacks before I knocked off for the evening).
  • - Suffered my first "forfeit" last night thanks to the broken PvP roulette. After my first five I had to refresh, just like everyone else. When I got back, the button was there to try for the re-spin. I clicked (thinking I might be able to see what the items were), and nothing happened. I hand-waved it away to being a bug, and clicked to start a new match. The match loading screen came up BEHIND the darkened pre-roulette screen, and I couldn't click on anything to get it to go away. Hope my opponent enjoys those free 19 points.


Score: 1024


  • Wins - 24
    • Attacking Wins - 12
    • Defending Wins - 12
  • Losses - 7
    • Attacking Losses - 1
    • Defending Losses - 6


  • Total Matches - 31
  • Total Attacks - 13
    • Total Forfeits - 1
    • Total Actual Attacks - 12
  • Total Defenses - 18
  • A/D Ratio - 1:1.38

Juggernaut Covers: 5 of 8 in 7 attempts (10-box shots)

PvP Roulette:

  • Day 2 - 2 Lockboxes
  • Day 1 - No flippin' clue. Roulette was broken, so I have no idea what was even available. Definitely wasn't more lockboxes or Gold. Probably was one of last season's PvP items, since it was still handing out crap from then.

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