• - Opposing Agent: Scroll... Scroll... Signpost... Me: OH, JUST FRIGGIN' GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!!
  • - Iron Pepsi Can's Full Overcharge + 21-Gun Salute + Emma's CP seems to be the new First-Turn-Thor...
  • - Matchmaking Logic: "Ok, he just used a Challenge Point recharge. Let's put him up against someone he has next to no chance of beating, and then on the next recharge we'll stick him up against people 200 Elo lower than him!" (Yeah, I know it doesn't work that way, but darned if it doesn't feel that way...)
  • - X-23 proc'ing Berserker Rage on all three opposing party members off of hitting the team with Blades of Rage... Ugh. I had forgotten how much I hated that feature in her ability set. Same guy that was running her had Fantomex in the mix and he'd skewed his hero bonuses to all Def and Eva. I ended up losing that one, but if I'd gotten better turn order I think I could have taken him.
  • - Ran into a player with a stacked armory of 64G items and a full set of 12s. To add insult to injury, the tool was packing T-OE, War Axe, Stainless Steel, and The Pawn, with Juggernaut and Rescue on the team. He got the first three turns after my QS and the butt-whooping I received was epic. Juggernaut started out with laying out a 1HKO on OS and I was severely tempted to just reach for the F5. I couldn't clear a single buff off his agent thanks to Stainless Steel, and my hits barely put a dent in the enemy heroes' health. People like that make me wish I could hunt them down and apply a good, swift kick to their junk...


Current League: Adamantium

Score: 1650


  • Wins - 391
    • Attacking Wins - 239
    • Defending Wins - 152
  • Losses - 284
    • Attacking Losses - 44
    • Defending Losses - 240
  • AFK Win Rate - 38.8%


  • Total Matches - 675
  • Total Attacks - 283
    • Total Forced Forfeits - 22 (friggin' forced refreshes...)
    • Total Actual Attacks - 261
  • Total Defenses - 392
  • A/D Ratio - 1:1.39

Juggernaut Covers: 8 of 8 in 22 attempts (10-box shots)

PvP Roulette:

  • Day 16 - 1 Thermite Torch
  • Day 15 - 1 Five Battles
  • Day 14 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 13 - 1 Diamond Cutter (Yeah, that'd be great if I hadn't actually replaced all of mine with better stuff...)
  • Day 12 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 11 - 1 Phoenix Pinion (Hey, it's a free reforge. I'll take it.)
  • Day 10 - 1 Five Battles
  • Day 9 - 2 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 8 - 2 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 7 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 6 - 1 Thermite Torch
  • Day 5 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 4 - 5 Unstoppable Lockboxes
  • Day 3 - 1 Kree Bracers
  • Day 2 - 2 Lockboxes
  • Day 1 - No flippin' clue. Roulette was broken, so I had no idea what was even available. Definitely wasn't more lockboxes or Gold. Probably was one of last season's PvP items, since it was still handing out crap from then.

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