• - Starting level 178. I went ahead and dropped some gold on the new PvP item to get my armory bonus up to 94K/85K. I wish I'd had a bit more time to get more of my lower-level heroes up to snuff, but as it stands the only one I have that's lower than 10 is Rescue - and she's at 9. I'm currently rocking nine heroes at lvl 12, with a 10th on the way in a day or so. Still focusing on Blasters and Tacs first to get that Attack and Health bonus up.
  • - Trying to play PvP still makes my netbook choke like an engine with a bad carburetor. I really wish they'd do something about the lag that makes Flash lock up when it's trying to locate an opponent.
  • - Expected to continue to see a lot of Emma. Oddly enough, she wasn't on a lot of teams I ran into. Only saw  her on the opposing team in 1 out of 5 battles. I figure that'll change as I go up in rank.
  • - War Machine's "fire until I'm done" ability really annoys the crap out of me. It'd be different if we got a chance to counter before each subsequent shot instead of it being somewhat random as to when my characters can get in their counter-attacks.
  • - Annnnd once again, the PvP roulette is broken and not showing up on the first day. That's what now, three tournaments in a row? Way to stay consistent, Playdom.
  • - I decided to keep track of my Juggernaut progress here as well, since the boxes are part of the tourney. Since I had some extra Gold I decided to go ahead and spring for some early boxes - I figured there was a better chance of no dupes at this point, so why not? Well, it backfired on me a bit. Six attempts at 10-boxes yielded only four covers. But at least I have a jump on it, so it's a start.


Score: 911


  • Wins - 7
    • Attacking Wins - 5
    • Defending Wins - 2
  • Losses - 0
    • Attacking Losses - 0
    • Defending Losses - 0


  • Total Matches - 7
  • Total Attacks - 5
    • Total Forfeits - 0
    • Total Actual Attacks - 7
  • Total Defenses - 2
  • A/D Ratio - 1:0.4

Juggernaut Covers: 4 of 8 in 6 attempts (10-box shots)

PvP Roulette:

Day 1 - No flippin' clue. Roulette was broken, so I have no idea what was even available. Definitely wasn't more lockboxes or Gold. I think it might have been 10 CP.

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