Just a few thoughts from the matches I played on my lunch break:

  • - I managed to roll over enough wins on my lunch break to trip into A-league. I averaged 12.75 battles per day to get to the 102 attacks I'm sitting at now. Yay, I guess, although I know darned good and well that I'll be knocked back down to V-league by the time I get home. I need to revisit my AFK team...
  • - Did they change the effects of Cornered and Off-Balance, or am I missing something? I'm seeing more and more agents in PvP in the white Inf coat from last season. Completely useless bonuses for PvP unless you're running into a lot of B&T Wolverine or protector agents, IMNSHO, but my Scrapper BSQS is loving them for it... :)

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