PvP 7 - Day 1.5

I couldn't play at all this morning due to the unexpected maintenance at around 6 AM Central, so I had to put off the daily 5 until my lunch break. Here's the results.


  • - Against my better judgement I decided to blow the 10 Gold I got today on respins - and I got lucky enough to pull a Hotshot! That baby is going in to rotation immediately.
  • - Fantomex still needs a few more levels and a few more ISOs before I can seriously consider him in PvP. He just rolled past level 7, so I've still got a bit of work to do with him - he's still a smidge too squishy. Hopefully running through the SpecOps to get them all 5-starred will get him into the proper range ASAP.
  • - I'm still debating on trying Vision or Omega Sentinel in PvP. Sure, it's nice to be able to change up the class to mess with the AI's "full speed ahead" strategy, but I'm iffy on how they'd handle in an AFK match. Plus they're both still lower than level 9 in my roster, and I'm a bit on the fence as to Omega Sentinel's ability to effectively dish out the damage.
  • - Still seeing plenty of Emma, Wolverine, SBNC, and BSQS (in both forms) on the teams I run up against. There doesn't appear to be much of a change in the meta from last season at this time.
  • - Nightcrawler doesn't seem to be poofing out of the way of as many attacks as he did last season. Maybe they toned it down?
  • - My attack/defense ratio is a bit skewed right now due to the fact that I went a bit nuts last night and was trying to get those last few points I needed to get Fantomex ready to level up.
  • - Custom Sword of the Barony is still not performing as written, granting the healing strike on every swing.
  • - I still say that PvP needs a "Resign" button so you can just end the match and take the loss without having to watch your team get beat down.

Match Breakdown:

  • Total Matches - 55
    • Total Attacks - 30
    • Total Defenses - 22
  • A:D ratio: 1:0.73


  • Total Wins - 35
    • Attacking Wins - 23
    • Defending Wins - 12
  • Total Losses - 17
    • Attacking Losses - 7
    • Defending Losses - 10


  • Total Points - 1041

PvP Roulette:

  • Day 2 - 10 Gold - and HOTSHOT!
  • Day 1 - 1 Command Point

Common Opponents:

  • P5 Tac Emma - numerous
  • BSQS - numerous, more Scrapper than Generalist
  • B&T Wolverine - numerous, more Scrapper than Inf
  • Captain Britain - several
  • Tac Grey Widow - 1
  • Cable - 1

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