General Thoughts

25 Jun 2014

Well, maybe not on the "love" front, per se. Drax was never one of my favorite characters back in the day when he was the simpleton in the purple cowl and tights, and looking at this iteration of him in the game I can't say as I'm all that impressed. His moves love it when the enemy has bleeds, which is all well and good, but unless you can keep his buff going so his attacks will apply them, or build a team around bleed applications, he's looking like he's in the "meh" category.

As for the weapon... could be interesting, but it'll be hampered by its cooldown. Wild Blue Yonder is definitely a bucket 'o damage headed in your opponent's direction, although the four-round windup for it makes it a crapshoot in PvP unless you run a protector hero - and if you're going to do that then why not just run OG War Machine and use the agent or another hero as the protector? For that matter, the four-round cooldown on the weapon itself means that you're going to get one chance to fire it in a match, if you're lucky. Maybe it'd be useful if you're running a Falcon/FFIW delay team, but in a PvP-centric world where speed is king, I don't see it having much utility.

And then there was the suit. So they're giving us suits that stop the anti-class debuff? That should make for some nice effects in PvP. I'm guessing the Scrapper one will have immunity to Winded, Bruiser should be unaffected by Neutralized, Blaster will probably have immunity to Impaired, and Tac will probably be able to shrug off Exhausted.

27 Jun 2014

So apparently there's a new glitch team making the rounds, comprised of Tigra and Shanna. The Tiger's Fury passive apparently locks up the game and crashes Flash, forcing you to refresh your browser and take the loss. I guarantee that anyone I run up against that is running this team will get reported, and I encourage anyone else that runs into this pairing to get a screen shot and report the person exploiting the bug.

Tactics & Strategy

25 Jun 2014

The Flavor of the Month

As expected, QuickLocke (BSQS + Psylocke, with Betsy's E-Iso) is still in strong defensive rotation. Agent load-out varies on that, but often includes the Dragon's Foot, Coulson's, Cosmic Cardinal, or any other number of weapons that either grant more dogpile follow-ups or extra attacks. I feel sorry for anyone trying to face this team with a less-than-adequate hero bonus and armory rating.

I'm also seeing plenty of Iron Fist, which I assume is in response to QuickLocke on offense, although I have yet to see his Combo Breaker be effective on my attacking team and actually stop an attacker from getting his shots in.

The only really good way I'd found to reliably beat QuickLocke (aside from running it myself) was to out-last and out-gun it. I had been running Tri-Tac-Tankard, at least until they fixed the tankard like they said they were going to in the patch notes. Now, it's going to be a crap-shoot, and probably boil down to "whoever's QS goes first, wins".

More commentary to come later after I've fought more battles without the tankard.

26 Jun 2014

Well, I figure if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I went ahead and set my D team to QuickLocke for the time being. I'm still fiddling around with my offensive loadout, so nothing to report there as a concrete "THIS WORKS!" team. I can say with certainty, however, when you run into this team on D with your own QuickLocke it still can boil down to whoever's Quicksilver goes first. Even if you're packing the Raft Shank, it's still a matter of who gets the procs and who doesn't. Same thing goes for if you're rocking HAIF in either of his forms - if Combo Breaker doesn't proc, you're SOL.

I have started to see Tac XFPsy showing up on QuickLocke D teams, which makes sense if you're expecting to see Scrapper QS on offense, but if the attacker brings their own Inf Betsy then you're just giving them a free damage boost, so that's a coin-flip right there. I figure if you're going to bring Tac XFPsy then you'd just as well bring Scrapper BSQS in case of the attacker bringing her Inf version in either suit.

27 Jun 2014

So far I've been doing okay with QuickLocke on offense. It's not the blowout quick wins I used to hammer through with the Tri-Tac-Tankard, but it's still a decently fast match. Here's the breakdown of the attacking team:


  • Tac Empowered Armor
    • E-Iso: Quick
  • Weapons:
    • Dragon's Foot
    • Raft Shank
    • Mystic
    • Synthetic Cube

Psylocke (Modern)

  • E-Iso: Synchronized & Reflexive
  • A-Iso:
    • L1: Vorpal
    • L2: Gracious
    • L6: n/a
    • L9: Powerful Martial

Quicksilver (Scrapper Blue Suit)

  • E-Iso: Aggressive
  • A-Iso:
    • L1: Pugilist
    • L2: Pulverizing
    • L6: Powerful
    • L9: Powerful

The logic here is that I don't see any sense in bringing Tac Psylocke because most of the teams I've run into that are running QuickLocke on D are using Generalist BSQS, so he doesn't get the free follow-up attack on the team anyway. I bring my own Scrapper BSQS for similar reasons - most of the opposing D teams are bringing Betsy in her Inf form, so Pietro gets to go nuts with the smackdown. The agent I'm still not sure on. I like the ability of the Tac Emp suit to be able to use the cube's buff moves as a freebie, but at the same time I'm torn on the fact that I'm losing out on the Inspiring E-Iso buff by not using the Generalist armor. I think I may fiddle with the Iso-8 on the Tac suit to see if I can improve my agent's survival rate in the event of a dogpile on him on the first turn. I've also considered throwing in the new Gold Sale gadget or possibly the Savant's Spear for some first-turn shield action, in lieu of the Dragon's Foot. The jury is still out on that.

Battle Report

26 June 2014

Total Score: 1105

  • Attacks: 43
    • Win: 40
    • Loss: 3
  • Attacking Win Rate: 93%
  • Defenses: 44
    • Win: 15
    • Loss: 29
  • AFK Win Rate: 43%

Spin Results

  • Excessive Ammo
  • 2x Soporific Poison
  • Five Battles
  • Excessive Ammo
  • Solar Storm
  • Noxious Poison
  • 2x Caustic Poison
  • Excessive Ammo

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