Well, That One Sucked

Another season of PvP come and gone, and here's the results:


Yes, you're reading that graph right. By the end of the season my number of defensive battles exceeded the number of points I actually scored. Here's the final numbers:

  • Score: 1214
  • Rank: Diamond
  • Wins: 1084
  • Losses: 1003
  • Attacks: 506
  • Defenses: 1581
  • A/D ratio: 3.12
  • AFK Win percentage: 40%

Yep, you read that right. A higher than 3-to-1 ratio for defensive battles, and an AFK win rate of 40%. The AFK wins could be chalked up to the pain-in-the-ass that is a HFM protector agent combined with BSQS and War Machine in his O.G. suit. The defending QS gets his shots in, the agent keeps WM alive, and if the battle runs to three rounds then it's basically game over when WM calls in the air strike, if his miniguns don't finish it first. The massive amount of defensive battles I can chalk up to being in the killing fields. I tripped over level 260 during the tournament and my AFK rate just skyrocketed.

Spin Results

  • 8 Inhuman Lockbox
  • 8 Fanged Lockbox
  • 20 Coiled Lockbox (5 two-packs, 1 ten-pack)
  • 6 Demonic Lockbox
  • 2 Omega Lockbox
  • 4 Mischievous Lockbox
  • 16 Psycho Lockbox (3 two-packs, 1 ten-pack)
  • 6 Unstoppable Lockbox
  • 4 Shadowy Lockbox
  • 4 Magnetic Lockbox
  • 6 Bound Grimoire
  • 5 Deadpool Corps Ring
  • 4 Liquid Superconductor

The roulette this season was less than useless to me, since I already own all of the current lockbox heroes. The previous PVP items were a wash as well, seeing as how the Red Rider BB Guns and the Sunfire collectibles outclassed them by an order of magnitude. The only things that would have been any use to me would have been the Gold and the Nox (which would have basically been a free reforge), neither of which turned up for me. I'm sorry, but if they continue this crap in future seasons, the only thing I'll be playing PvP for is the bonus from the five-a-day.

Thoughts on the Season

Holy Crap, The Defensive Volume: You can see the chart above. My A/D ratio was roughly 1:3 by the end of the season. I would have had to have fought roughly 30 battles per day for the duration of the tournament to keep up with the number of defensive battles I was carrying by the end. This is more than any other season I've experienced in the past. This number of defensive battles is, to put it in a word, ludicrous. Granted, I'm in the killing fields and I plan to spend the next few weeks slogging to level 300, but the point remains the same - nobody should be facing three times more defensive battles than the number of times they attacked. This matching system needs an enema, big time.

The variety of teams was low, but still tough to beat: For the majority of the first part of the season, it was all Deadpool, all the time. Their screw-up on his eIso made him pretty darned ferocious - especially when you consider that Frenzy was inherently broken and the rez effects seemed to be granting counter-turns whenever the AI darned well feels like it *cough*NicoMinoru*cough*. If it wasn't a Deadpool team then the selection I faced was still pretty limited. The majority of the teams I saw that didn't have a DP in them consisted of one of two combinations: O.G. War Machine & Gen BSQS, or Juggernaut & Gen BSQS. Both teams typically featured a protector agent. Quite often said agent was also packing Dragon's Foot to boost QS and using the Hoarfrost Mace as their protector weapon. These were so annoying, because there's nothing I hate more than having to kill an opposing character multiple times before they actually die. I've hated that mace since it was released. But I digress.

An interesting observation: As mentioned above, for a good majority of the season I was running Havok/Mockingbird with my agent packing The Cube, SoA, Warbringer, and Mystic. Also for the majority of the season I was plagued by teams running Gen BSQS, O.G. War Machine, and a protector agent (typically with the HFM and a Mystic) or Juggernaut and BSQS (with the agent adding in a Dragon's Foot). They were the friggin' bane of my existence, because having to kill the agent twice put a serious crimp in my attack plan and usually gave the opposing War Machine time to spin up his miniguns and lay waste to my team or for Juggernaut to take out my agent before Havok could lay him out. So I decided to think laterally when it came to my agent load-out. I didn't want to switch out my Tac Power Armor due to the chances of running into Dr. Voodoo (two shots from Warbringer and he folds like a cheap suit), and it did grant Stealthy on occasion, so I did a reforge on my Transcranial Stimulator and slotted it in place of the SoA (If I'd had a Custom Goblin Glider I might have tried that to oppose Shell-head's clone, but I haven't been able to farm one yet). That was the only thing I changed on my attacking team. Magically, all the opposing protectors evaporated. Whereas I was easily facing protector teams three out of every five battles before, I was now surprised to see one in seven. Yes, I did track them - for about a week, I saw grand total of ten protector teams, out of about seventy battles. Unfortunately, as we all know, the TCS doesn't really hit for crap and I was getting tired of having to wait until round two to start laying the debuffs on with MB, so I swapped it back for the SoA yesterday morning. *BOOM* Five protector teams in a row. I know it's been proven that the system doesn't match you against "counter-teams", but tell me that doesn't smell damned fishy.

Looking Toward the Future

Fighting against the new armor? Bruisers with Big & Fast and a HFM. Bruisers with Big & Fast and a HFM everywhere. (insert buzzandwoody.jpg here...) Seriously. If you hated protector agents before, I'm betting that next season it's going to be all protectors, all the time. I'm potentially going to be dusting off the Blaster Power Armor and looking for weapons that are Stealthy, or provide the Cornered and/or Exhausted debuffs. Or I might just keep the same loadout and bring along the Infiltrator Empowered Armor so I can tap-dance around the protector at will. I'll probably keep bringing Havok along, too - at least on Offense. Defense is going to be a whole new ball of wax, thanks to...

The new Voodoo Staff. Yeah, QS and War Machine can officially suck it. 30% damage reduction on AOE is huge, and considering that's QS's main advantage and WM's main group-killer, those teams aren't going to be nearly as viable as they once were. Ethereal Strike is also pretty big, and with no cooldown that thing is going to be pretty nasty. About the only problem I could see would be either Dr. Voodoo shutting it down, or possibly the Skeptic (if they re-release it) getting in the way of using it.

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