Edit: I'm adding in my graph for the season. Since this is being hosted by my Dropbox account, it will update automatically when I upload a new version. If you're interested in how things are playing out for me, check back here every few days to see what the graph says.


Note: Somehow, I'm maintaining a 40% AFK win rate over the last week despite having a 1.92 Attack-to-Defense ratio at this point. I'm baffled by this, because the team I'm fielding on D (Rescue + Wonder Man) isn't exactly that strong on the attack. Granted, Wonder Man does have a Big & Fast and Street Fighting on him, and Rescue is rocking Snappy Service and Generosity, so it's pretty much guaranteed to be a long fight for any attacker. Maybe my attackers are getting sick of the fight and F5'ing out?

Now back to my regularly scheduled commentary.

Let's face it: the seasons have their ups and downs. Sometimes the hero is one you really want, other times you don't really care about them. Sometimes you really want the weapon, other times it's armory-fodder. This is one of the PvP seasons where I don't really give a wet fart about it.

First, I'm suffering from a bit of PvP burnout. The last two seasons I worked my ass off during the main part of the tournament, only to see an A-league finish get wiped out in the last 24 hours by the crappy matching system and the inability of PD to construct an AI that can actually win a match. A tournament that lasts a month should require the players to play that entire month, not just the last week of it. Yes, marathon runners sprint to the finish, but what we see is the equivalent of someone jumping in to the race at mile 25 and then dashing to the finish to take the medal, while all the other runners have been slogging through the whole thing. Playdom needs to rework their matching algorithms to take into account the final rush, do something to force the players to participate the entire month (other than the stupid PvP Lockbox heroes), and do something to prevent someone from being put into up to four times more defensive matches than attacking matches on the final day. But I digress.

Second, I feel like they started the tourney too soon, what with the release of four more heroes in a short amount of time and a long SpecOp going on at the same time. Give us some time to breathe, for crying out loud! Another week would have been fine by me.

Third, there have been just as many, if not more, bugs cropping up this season as there have been in previous seasons. Some of the bugs may have been fixed, but people exploited the hell out of Ionic Blaster and Fantastic Formula glitches (and should be banned for it, imnsho). Heimdall is still broken, with his NOPE ability not stopping anything and the Call to Asgard breaking other things in the process. One of the first rules of troubleshooting is to not break anything that's currently working while trying to fix what's broken. It still boggles my mind how PD can introduce completely new bugs when trying to fix the old ones.

Fourth, I'm just about to hit the Killing Fields. With the new SpecOps and my previous farming for Moonstone, I'm inching closer to the perilous 260 mark. Once I hit that, it's going to be time to ram-jam my way to 300. That's not a trip I'm looking forward to, and I'd hoped to time it to happen between seasons. Maybe if I just haul balls for the next week or so, I'll be able to hit 300 and be done with it before the end of the tourney.

Lastly, I don't really give a damn about the hero. The fanboys were all, "ERMAHGERD WE WERNT VENUM!!!!", so PD gives them Agent Venom. They then proceed to whine that it's not the Venom they wanted, because apparently they want the drooling psychopath. It's enough to make one want to do a drive-by pimp-slapping. I've never been a fan of Venom, I've never thought the Agent Venom thing was a good idea, and I don't really see the need to bust my ass to try to get him for free when I can just farm for the CP and call it good.

So, no daily play-by-play this season. I might throw in a few more comments and post my chart for the progress, but that'll be about it until season 14. I will say this: I'm thankful they toned down Cyclops and Ares, but if I see another Deadpool in a defensive match, I'm going to scream. They really need to add some kind of passive post-removal buff that prevents him from chaining together Buggy debuffs, because it really sucks to get stuck refreshing three turns out of four in a match.

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