Come on, admit it, you sang the title.

A new twist on lockboxes, and a new "hero" to go with them. I'm a bit put-out by the "can't buy these boxes" thing, but I have a feeling that PD will open them up for purchase once the 25th passes. As it stands, if you complete all the daily tasks you'll end up with 160 boxes - enough to get the hero if you're lucky, but given my past history that's only about two-thirds of what it's going to take. Daily Spin rewards will help that. With the weighting on the new roulette, chances are good you'll end up with around 60 extra boxes from that (on average),

This blog is my personal tracking for the box count and daily tasks. I'll be ticking off the list here as I get them done as well as recording my total boxes and daily spin results. Once the boxes can be opened, I'll also include my cover progression.

25 December 2013

As promised, here's my cover progression:

Proud Owner: TechParadox
Impending 1 Impending 2 Impending 3 Impending 4
Set # 14,19 10,16 21 7,8
Impending 5 Impending 6 Impending 7 Impending 8
Set # 1,2,9,17,20 5,11 6,12,13,15 3,4,18

Yep, that's right - opened two packs of ten, got a dupe right off the bat. Then, for whatever reason the RNG decided to get a hard-on for the number 7. It took me 210 boxes to get Doom - 13 dupes. Also, does anyone want a BB gun? I got eight of the damn things from the boxes. They'll probably be going to my PvP bonus in short order.

I've decided to get rid of the box count chunk of the blog. It was a moot point and taking up more space than it needed to.

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