For those of you mourning the loss of the 100% Group Boss combo, I offer the following as a possible alternative. Note that this requires gear that is not farmable in that you need the Cube. It works well on Arcade and may work on the next group boss, but that will depend heavily on what transpires between now and then. Also, it may not 100% a group boss like the old combo did, but it'll knock out a good 60-75% of their health. If you're fighting a group boss that isn't yours and it's already taken some damage, you'll probably be able to kill it.

For fighting Arcade, you will need Spiral, Deadpool with his Savory E-Iso, and the Agent with Chaoshot SMG, Synthetic Cube, and Scroll of Angolob. Mystic is helpful as a fourth weapon to prevent early stuns, or you can sub in another weapon that can exploit bleeds to help you take advantage of Deadpool's buffed L1, but they're not necessary. Here's the sequence of events:

- Spiral's hits Arcade with her L2 every time her turn comes up in rounds 1 through 3. You don't want him to be able to remove the debuffs with No Cheating.

- Deadpool does his normal L1-L2-L6 sequence to get his buff string rolling.

- Agent blasts Arcade with Chaoshot's first mode every chance he gets to keep extra debuffs on Arcade. On round 3, the agent drops Improbability Field on the team to lay the big stack of debuffs on Arcade. If the team is lousy with debuffs on round 3, you may want to use the Scroll, then do the Improbability Field, depending on whether the agent's turn is before or after Deadpool. If it's before DP and the team can survive the debuffs then you can hold off on the Scroll until round 4.

- On round four, Spiral uses her L6 to get a couple extra buffs for the team and maybe a couple more debuffs on Arcade. Agent uses Atom Smasher from the Cube. Deadpool uses his L9 and lights Arcade up like a Christmas tree. With any luck you should have a dead Arcade, or at least one that's mostly dead (if he started with a full health bar).

The downsides to this combo against Arcade are that it requires Spiral to be able to land her L2 on him so he can't remove the debuffs and it requires DP to be alive and relatively debuff-free in round 4 to layeth the smacketh down. If she misses in round 2 or 3, you're going to be SOL when it comes time for DP to land the big hit on him. To that end, you'll want to make sure her accuracy is fully jacked up and good to go so she doesn't miss. It also can have problems with Scrapper Arcade and Bruiser Arcade if you're not careful, so pay attention if you're fighting him in one of those incarnations.

Happy hunting!

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