Total Boxes Opened: 130 (took 130 to get the hero)

Total Covers: 8 (DONE!!!)

Total Duplicates: 5

Total Previous SpecOps Weapons: 0

4/9/13 - Update 2

Woohoo! I picked up some boxes from ally drops over lunch and managed to get my last cover!

First impressions: Her base scrapper attack is a bit weak. I got her up to level 2 but haven't had a chance to to fiddle with her other modes yet. With a little ISO work she could definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

4/9/13 Update

I managed to score some more boxes off of allies Ultron battles this morning. Once again, another dupe, no SpecOps weapons.

Original Post

Well, so far this season I've opened 110 lockboxes, 10 at a time. Seven covers so far, with four dupes. Not bad odds, but now is when the real "fun" begins since I have a greater chance of a cover being a dupe. So far the boxes have dropped nothing else but vendor trash and crap deploy weapons that I either already had or didn't want or need. I keep hoping for a SpecOps weapon drop, but as of yet, nada.

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