Kill shots that don't kill - am I the only one seeing this?

I've suspected this of happening in PvP since last season but hadn't really been able to confirm it until now. Here's the basic upshot:

  1. Your hero attacks an enemy hero or agent with an attack that deals enough damage that it should outright kill the enemy. Doesn't matter if it was going to be a one-shot kill or if the enemy had already taken damage - either way, the next hit should take them down.
  2. The attack succeeds and damage is dealt.
  3. When damage is resolved, the enemy character is left standing there with just a sliver of health left. Typically less than 200 HP, usually under 150, but you were sure that you would be seeing them blinking red and disappearing from the field. But to paraphrase Sir Elton, "They're still standin'. Yeah, yeah, yeah."

The first few times I saw this happen I suspected it of being my own bad luck and the system being off in its estimate of how much damage was going to be dealt by the attack. I mean, it's entirely possible that an ISO kicked in on the defender or something and it dodged part of a multi-hit attack, right? Or maybe I didn't get the crit I was hoping for. Or maybe I ended up hitting for the low-end of the damage range instead of the high end. Or any number of other reasons. Regardless, I just figured it was bad luck, so I wrote it off as my own delusions. Then it started happening repeatedly. At this point I thought to myself that it might be a slight glitch, because it didn't happen every time. But it did happen frequently enough to make me wonder what was going on.

Today was the clincher. I had changed my team up to use Emma and QS (to combat the current meta - if you can't beat them, join them) and in the process I'd been using Emma's Psychic Tap on a frequent basis. I landed it on the opposing QS, who had just under 3000 HP left. His turn rolls around and the AI attacks, as usual. Mental Anguish kicks in and hit him for over 3200 damage. I saw the big red numbers with my own two eyes. Damage resolves and he's still standing there, with just under 140 HP left. There was no Phoenix on the opposing team, no buffs on QS that would have reduced damage, nothing of the sort. He should be dead, deceased, an Ex-Quicksilver. He shouldn't voom if you put four million volts through him. But there he stands.

I proceeded on through the rest of the match and ended up winning (QS died due to a Burning Dark Void infection - nasty things, those), but the facts of it still stuck in my head. This was no situational, confirmational, or any other kind of bias. I had totally been seeing this all along, but it hadn't been this blatant.

Has anyone else run into this?

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