Hawkeye's New Clothes

With the latest patch came an upgrade for Hawkeye. At the very least, he now gets a 50% chance to do a follow-up attack on any enemy that is afflicted with Pinpoint Target (or similar "can't-miss" effects). In PvE this seems to proc fairly often, and makes for some nice extra damage - especially when you consider that he can chain a follow-up off of another follow-up, and he can also chain off his volley attack, which is pretty sweet.

The real buff comes with his alternate "Heroic Age" costume - Loaded Quiver. Each time he attacks, Hawkeye will pull a different type of arrow from his quiver. With each arrow type comes different effects, which will be applied to not only his single shots, but every shot in a volley. I'm not going to go into all of them here, so if you want to check them out, head for Hawkeye's page here on the wiki. I do, however, want to touch on a couple that are of definite note.

  • Magno-volt Arrow - it's one of the few attacks in the game that can apply Fried Circuits to robotic enemies. Not that notable in and of itself, but pretty kickin' when it comes to fighting Sentinels in PvE or players packing the T-O Endoskeleton in PvP
  • Adamantium Arrow - This one is the big one. It ignores defense, its damage can't be prevented by resurrection effects, and it has Fatal Blow, which means it will auto-kill any enemy that is below 30% health.

Let me restate that last one: IT WILL AUTO-KILL ANY ENEMY BELOW 30% HEALTH.

Now I am SO wanting to take him into PvP and pray I end up coming up against a resurrection team.... 

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