I left the PvP arena last night with my score in the .13% range and two hours left to go in the matches - unwillingly, I might add. She Who Must Be Obeyed set up a dinner with friends, unbeknownst to me, and there was no way I was getting out of it.. This was the first time I'd maintained a placing that high in PvP for any length of time. I don't know if the gods of PvP were just being nice to me, or what, but I didn't really care - I'd take whatever advantages I could get. Dinner was good, conversation was nice, but the entire evening I was wondering what was happening with my score. We got home shortly after the end of the season (oh, the irony), and I headed for my computer, resigned to the fact that I had basically left myself un-defended against whatever the system would throw at me. I fired up M:AA and was presented with a "maintenance" screen. Annoyed, I pressed F5 to refresh, and watched as it reloaded back to the expected interface. I clicked over to PvP and waited while it tried to load... the suspense was killing me. The screen finally pops up and TAH-DAHHHH, I finished with a score of 1690, .22%! My first actual A-league finish! (note: I don't count season 3 - I was awarded that after they recalculated the scores, so I didn't have the advantage of having Psylocke handed to me.) I almost did a happy dance! That's 135 less CP than I'd have had to spend in the future! Granted, I don't really give two craps about Fantomex as a character, but I was just thrilled to have finished that high. Unfortunately, now I suffer from a wealth of riches in the hero department. Thanks to X-23 going on sale and picking up Omega Sentinel, I now have four heroes that are below level 9, with soon to be a fifth (once I finish my Vision Quest). It's going to be a long haul to get them all trained.

But I finished in A-League! Woohoo!!!

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