Ah, the joys of training planning. I've been staring at these heroes since last season, trying to figure out the best way to do what I want to do. It feels like just as I finally get to the point where I can start pushing more heroes through to level 12, they release anywhere from two to four more. It's fun to see new faces, but at the same time it can be frustrating because I feel like I have to stop and work on the new blood first before I can continue.

Here's where I'm sitting right now. All things being equal, I'm not doing too bad for just having crossed the level 200 mark. They're not all where I want them, but they're getting there:


All the level 11's up there are ready to train to 12, I just need to spend the time and Silver. Right now Daimon is in the trainer working his way up to level 9 (so I went ahead and pre-emptively updated his rank in my hero roster page. He'll be done later this evening). After that Rulk is ready for a level ding, so he's next in the crock-pot. By then I hope to have Satana and Angel ready to go for their next bumps.

I'm hoping to get all the lowbies up to at least level 10 before the next PvP season starts. If I don't, then I may put the lowbies in parking mode and focus on getting the 11s to 12. Some judicious use of a macro program (not one they were banning people for, a legit windows macro recording app) has allowed me to stockpile a nice chunk of Silver. Right now I'm looking at enough to shove another 16 of the 11s up to level 12. If I get them on the right cycle, with no wasted time, in a 21 day PvP cycle I could have another 14 of them up to 12.

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