Ok, so now the Punisher delay makes more sense. It took them a few minutes, but we did finally get patch notes, too.

I like the concept of Reactive ISO being essentially the last ISO you need to research because it'll adjust to your player level, but I absolutely hate the thought of having to burn through my Silver reserves to get them all researched. I was doing good to get my heroes leveled in a timely manner and keep a stockpile going, and now we've got this? Oy vey. It's going to be a rough ride on my in-game wallet.

And now we've finally got The Punisher for general release. Yay, I guess. I'd be more enthused if I hadn't just tripped off leveling one of my lvl 10 heroes to lvl 11. Unfortunately, ol' Frank is going to have to sit at level 2 for another 20 or so hours. I guess it's not so bad - it gives me time to research more ISO.

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