I've been reading all threads in this forum about Magneto's Reverse Polarity and still cannot understand how it works. Is it normal that Magneto Reverse Polarity takes off 400HP from enemy, then hit the enemy and then give back the 400HP the Reverse Polarity took in the first place?

There was a bug with our health bar display logic that gave the impression that abilities, such as Reverse Polarity, were either taking too much damage, or returning health back. There is a fix for this in the works that will be included in a future update.

Gee, that bug has only been there since they introduced that ability. Glad to see they're so johnny-on-the-spot on getting that fixed.

What do you plan to do in order to decrease the last day rush in PVP?

While there is an increase in PVP fights on the last day, with the PVP daily bonus we notice the average number of fights per day remains pretty consistent across the entire Tournament. Now that the reward cutoffs are specified by predetermined Rating numbers instead of a percentage, the rush on the last day is less important and fewer people get pushed out of the top leagues at the last minute.

Point 1 - Bull crap. My number of defensive fights per day in both PvP9 and PvP10 spiked by a HUGE factor on the last day. I know I'm the only one.

Point 2 - Also bull crap. There's so much back-and-forth around the percentile cutoffs that it isn't even funny. Combine that with their removal of points from the pool thanks to the CVE problem and you end up with the last day and last minute being even MORE swingy.

Since the 300's lose the ability to get free gold for each level and a full energy bar is there something that can be done to help those that have reached the max? ...

Reaching level 300 is an extraordinary achievement, and those of you who have reached it have achieved a truly demanding feat. Just remember that energy exists as a reminder to take a break from time to time. We have no plans to expand the level cap or increase rewards for the dedicated group of players who have persevered to the top.

In other words, "Sorry, we milked these players for all we can, we're not going to give them any more freebies."

Could you please sell collection heros in non-gambling way? ...

The introduction of the lockbox mechanic was our way of letting players attain heroes by different means than just PvP tournaments or flat out command point purchases. While the mechanics of obtaining the comic covers contained in the collections is random, there are safeguards in place that will prevent you from getting duplicates indefinitely.

More like "The introduction of the lockbox mechanic was our way of suckering the players out of more Gold, because with the way the RNG works, you'll amost NEVER get a hero from the amount of boxes we give you for free. Omega Sentinel was a fluke, because we never figured you guys would farm the group bosses like you did." And what's up with: "[T]here are safeguards in place that will prevent you from getting duplicates indefinitely." Say what? I'd like to see them say that live, with a straight face, to the people that have received 20 or more dupes in the chase for a lockbox character.

Can you explain how in PVP you can be attacked twice in a row by the same guy?

There was an issue with the way we handled errors in matchmaking that caused players to fight the same opponents back-to-back. There are fixes to this in the next Tournament that should prevent this from happening.

The same way they "fixed" having to fight the same opponents repeatedly for PvP10?

What does the system actually use to select opponents in PVP?

Our matchmaking system separates players into pools based on player level and current tournament rating. Beyond that, the choice of opponents is purely random. Factors such as class composition and Agent gear are not taken into account.

And yet, somehow when I've been fighting people with the same class & character load-outs for the last ten battles and I decide to change mine to be counter to that class, I magically get a slew of opponents that are the counter to my new team. Go figure.

AI Proc Rates

Not to beat a dead horse, but that is not the case. The testing done by the community, while thorough, is not correct in its conclusion. The AI proc rate is identical to the players’ proc rates across the entire game.

Not to put too fine a point on it, even if that is the case the players are going to continue to beat that dead horse until they feel that the AI doesn't have an advantage in Procs. Even Apple had to tweak the randomness in the Shuffle feature in iTunes to make it feel like the songs coming up were randomly selected, when in truth they were trying to keep songs from the same artist or album from being played back-to-back or too close to each other. People will see patterns in randomness. It's human nature. Maybe they ought to consider dropping AI procs by 10% across the board and then see how people like it when their AFK defense rates drop through the floor.

Since the revenge fight was taken away there is not means to see what heroes were used to beat you in PvP, is there some type of simple log that can be viewed as to what was used to beat you so you can design a better strategy to defend?

Such a system is under consideration, but not likely to happen in the near future. However, you can visit an opponent’s profile to see what armory items, Agent gear, and heroes were used.

Obviously the guy who answered this doesn't play the game. When you view the enemy agent's profile you don't get to see what heroes were used. You never have. You get to see a list of what heroes they own, the weapons they're packing, and maybe what uniforms those hereoes are in, but with the new split PvP load-outs, that's probably not accurate, either.

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