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    Bugger me sideways. Already? Ok, well at least there's a new hero and they said he's going to... OH HELL NO! NO. NOPE. That's not Nova. Hey, Playdom and Marvel:


    Me, this morning: "Okay, time to log in and get some morning stuff done. What's that on the news, new PvP bonus items? Yeah, I'm sure they're not worth the HOLY HELL WHAT DID THEY DO TO THE BONUSES?!?!"

    Didn't notice those yet? Go have a look. I'll wait here.

    You're back? Good. Tell me this season didn't just become partially Pay-to-Win and I'll call you a liar. :)

    Other than that, the first five yesterday was no problem. Today, on the other hand, things got weird. Thanks to the over-abundance of the Skeptic due to last season's roulette, I ran into a lot of agents packing it…

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  • Techparadox

    Well, technically, that's what Karnak is. Dude is one of the Inhumans, but was never exposed to the Terrigen Mists, so his abilities aren't due to any kind of mutation. Interesting concept for a character, and his move-set looks pretty deadly, so I'm on board with it. It makes me wonder how well a team-up between him and Iron Fist will work out.

    That being said, I'm not going to bust my hump trying to earn him. We all know that PvP is, at best, a time sink until the last few days/hours. If it weren't for the presence of Fixer as a LB hero, I don't even know if I'd be driven to even do the five-a-day. Especially considering the crap matchmaking that I'm seeing. My score right now is over 1200. I'm in Diamond league. Yet somehow I keep gettin…

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  • Techparadox

    Pre-vP Gamma

    November 7, 2014 by Techparadox

    I haven't really done a PvP-related post in a while, and with them dinking about with the way things work I didn't really figure I'd have much to say about it until we saw the final revision with the appearance of Karnak. But then again, I thought that the Royals had a chance of winning the World Series, too, so I'll freely admit when I'm wrong.

    The last two pre-season events have brought about bugs, glitches, and no clear winner when it comes to attack and defense teams in the level 300 range. I have noticed several trends, though, which bear mentioning.

    Up until the last full season most of the players I had run into tended to keep their armory in a fairly balanced state, or at least close to it, with the hero stats being the main way of b…

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  • Techparadox

    Blade and Morbius in one SpecOp. My Midnight Sons-loving self has died and gone to heaven. Now we just need Hannibal King and Frank Drake (and the Danny Ketch version of Ghost Rider), and I'll be a happy camper.

    (FULL DISCLOSURE: I've already earned Blade. I managed to score the 1000 UISO on the roulette on 1 Nov and that massively increased the speed with which I was able to complete the main storyline of this one. I'm still still farming for Morbius, though.)

    While I dig the Dracula and Mephisto storyline in this one, I can't say that I dig the Strike Teams mechanic. I hated it back in SO16 when we had to initially guess at who we needed for each mission, and I hate it now when it limits us to a minuscule team for each of the two paths. Th…

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  • Techparadox

    Well, maybe not on the "love" front, per se. Drax was never one of my favorite characters back in the day when he was the simpleton in the purple cowl and tights, and looking at this iteration of him in the game I can't say as I'm all that impressed. His moves love it when the enemy has bleeds, which is all well and good, but unless you can keep his buff going so his attacks will apply them, or build a team around bleed applications, he's looking like he's in the "meh" category.

    As for the weapon... could be interesting, but it'll be hampered by its cooldown. Wild Blue Yonder is definitely a bucket 'o damage headed in your opponent's direction, although the four-round windup for it makes it a crapshoot in PvP unless you run a protector hero …

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