As a player of MAA, I sometimes drool over the wonders and marvels of devs when creating this game. But some actions and contentexual aliet has disapointed me severly and this crime commiteed by the devs at MAA meant WAR!! As of August 29,2016 they will have to refund every bit of gold taken out of disgust. 

The 100 gold pieces that was paid was by criminality of mistaken crime and consent and I already summon a lawyer named John Yank that will deal with the MAA commitee. 

The main reason of this blog is to create support to assist Mr. Yank and his quest of fulfilling his mission.

MAA devs must realize that there days of misusing the players and the neglecting the numerous bugs will come to a end and the other game MAA 2 is just as loathsome. 

Mark these words MAA devs if you choose not refund players of 75 gold fix the bugs if you choose to release new content and resolving the bugs; this game will only a distant memory. 

This game under Justin Woods were jacked up but at least he was decent.

Tony S%%^ you sir need to be relieved from duty.

Most Honorable John Yank the one who will represent on the behalf of Sam Innocent will be meeting you Tuesday August 23,2016 at 2 min till five o clock.

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