aka Something Somethingsen

  • I live in Norway
  • I was born on June 8
  • My occupation is Stuff
  • I am Male
  • Tappingplayer


    War on the mind: Extends rest, allowing Moon Knight too change persona controlled.


    Generalist=60 CP

    Bruiser=60 CP

    Completely black suit, with silver Moon on the chest.

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  • Tappingplayer

    Diamond Of Greed:

    Emma Frost attacks everyone using Buff actions with war diamond.

    Diamond body prediction now has a 75% chance to work.

    LV 1 Mind Tap

    Now Applies Mind Control

    LV 2 Famine Diamond

    Now harms more.

    LV 6 Unlock Potential


    LV 9 Mental Wave

    Now Applies Disoriented


    Tactican=60 CP

    Infiltrator=60 CP

    Sprite always in diamond form, turning normal When using phsycic attacks. Black instead off white clothes.

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  • Tappingplayer

    Empress off illness:

    Immune to Poisoned and Biofeedback

    LV 1 Diseased fists:

    Now Applies poison.

    LV 2 Bacteria Blast

    Now Applies Nanoplague


    Applies Mind Control and Disoriented to mechanical targets.

    LV 6 Fever Pheromones

    Now Applies Despair.

    LV 9 Seduction Sickness

    Now Applies biofeedback, and is a Quick action with a two round cooldown.


    Scrapper=60 CP

    Tactican=60 CP

    Completely black suit with white prism on her chest.

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  • Tappingplayer

    Adamantium Armor:

    Raises Defense by 50%

    Deadly technology:

    Raises Attack by 50%

    Reaping Metal:

    All Enemies who Attack Iron Man has a chance of gaining Sudden Death


    Blaster= 60 CP

    Bruiser= 60 CP

    Fully black armor with Bronze mask. The armor is made out of adamantium. The Arc reactor is glowing red, with the apocalypse A in it.

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  • Tappingplayer

    Hello Again follow agents!

    To celebrate the new spec ops (Even though it is Like 10 days old) i am publishing horsemen design on 4 of the heroes in the game. These will be Iron Man (Death) Moon Knight (War) Emma frost (Famine) and Spider Woman (Pestillence). They will appear on the blog wednesday the 19. February- saturday the 22. February.

    Unfortunatly i have no idea how too make sprites, so i will describing how They look, and you have to Use your imaganation. Hope You like them, and good luck in getting the horsemen alts and Iceman!

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