I recently became level 100+ and with it came a lot of new opportunities to improve myself. Needless to say these were to be implemented as soon as possible.  No need to stress out about it or spend unnecessary amounts of Gold to get there, but making a list to help myself out with the scale of it all always seems to help. And if I can get the community a general idea of the scope of Silver and SHIELD Points they'll have to have in stock to do the same, all the better.

So the steps we need to take to get where we want to go:

  • Research PvP Bonus Expansion III - Cost: 194,500 Silver and 14 SHIELD Points - It is a steep price to pay for something that does nothing to improve PvE play, but think about it this way: you will participate in PvP at least once every season to get 100,000 Silver. Maybe even try to get up to the top 25-35% for those 10 Gold they offer. And getting to the a level playing field with all those other players is a lot easier when you have the same toys to work with as they have. No Gold needed to buy it and you will probably have enough random drops to
  • Fill the third PvP page - Cost: None to 120,000 Silver and 120 SHIELD Points - If you are at the same level as I am, chances are you were around when Spec Ops 3 was, which means you have mountains of Infernal Fangs left over. (Last time I checked I was at 100+)  Well, they are not too shabby to get into those new PvP Armory slots, so hop to it.  +6924 to Offense and Defense is a nice boost and you can always choose to upgrade it to something more appropriate for what you want, in my case a stack of Pyramidions, which will add another +720 to the grand total.
  • Research Isotope-8 Lvl IV - Cost: 1,007,700 Silver and 434 SHIELD Points - 31 researchable Crystals in total.
    • First off, DO NOT PANIC. If you have not fully Iso'd your heroes, chances are you are not getting everything you can out of them. On top of that, you will fare much better in PvP once you have. 
    • Secondly, DO NOT PANIC! It might seem a lot of Silver and SHIELD Points, but this is nothing to be afraid of. We can drop this down to nice bite sized chunks of Silver to get you all through it. Assuming you have 5-10 allies backing you all the way, you can have 15-30 SHIELD points a day from visiting their homes. Add to that 50 daily gifts for you Facebook players and hourly ones for the Playdom people, you can get another 50 SHIELD Points a day that way.So we will assume you can get ~70 SHIELD Points a day and base the research speed on that. 
    • You can research 5 times a day this way, so you will need ~5*32,500 = 162,500 Silver per day to pull this off. It might seem a lot, but remember, Silver is one of the most available commodities in the game. With a full team of level 9 heroes and 8 Blackbirds on your launch pad, you have 7,200 Silver per 20 minute run. Which translates to 21,600 Silver per hour. This would mean that you need to do ~8 hours of flights every day to keep up with the research.
    • But wait, every night you can run a 6 hour flight with all your planes, netting you another 8*2,430 = 19,440 while you sleep. Leaving only ~143,000 Silver each day.
    • Still too much for you? Drop it down to 4 or 2 hours and adjust research per day accordingly. MInimum research days would be 6 this way, but let's try to be human a bit and go for 4 hours of flights instead of the crazy 8. That's ~100,000 a day, leading to a 10 day run. This gives you some more leeway, with 700 Shield Points over that period and four hours a day means you can watch a movie, read up on the news sites and update your blog, all with little 20 minute breaks in between to refresh your flights. You could even go down to 2 hours of play every day, leaving you with 17 days to finish your research.
  • Buy the new Iso Crystals - Cost: Varies, but count on at least 1,500,000 Silver​ - You will want to upgrade to the new Crystals eventually, because it makes grinding for CP or weapons that much easier. (You get nearly twice the bonus you had before) You costumes will take up the bulk of this amount, as they all have 6 slots to fill with the new goodies. Take into account the average cost of 17,500 Silver per Crystal and we can get about 5 of these every day. The rest is based on getting the heroes you want to play with just that little bit of oomph they needed to finish a fight that much faster.
  • Upgrade Flight Deck planes to lvl 6 - Cost: 600,000 Silver and 6 allies - I'd say this is the last thing on the list. In the long run these planes may net you better Silver, but the initial cost takes too long to be useful in getting everything done. Upgrading your plane means a net profit of 75 Silver per plane per 20 minute run. That's a grand total of 600 Silver per run. Now assume that you still run 4 hours of flights each day, netting you 7,200 more. That's one extra flight of the level 5 planes a day. Every night you would gain another 2,160 Silver. It would take ~61 days to get enough profit out of it to compensate for the planes  After that you start making a profit. But seeing as even with a very slow scenario (2 hours worth of flights every day) you would be doing the first 4 steps in the span of ~45 days, this would set you back another 10 days from the start. Better to have it at the end and make those planes pay themselves back in another 9 days. Which would leave you with 54 days worth of researching and upgrading, including upgrading the planes. Less time than upgrading them and getting back the profit from the planes. 

​In conclusion: It's better to keep your planes at level 5 and start upgrading right away.

Total cost: 3,422,200 Silver and 568 SHIELD Points (your mileage may vary)

Time needed with average income of 100,000 Silver and 70 SHIELD Points a day : 34 days

My 5 step program:

  1. Research PvP Bonus Expansion III - Done
  2. Fill the third PvP page - Done (Pyramidions, hoping for better drops in PvP roulette)
  3. Research Isotope-8 Lvl IV  - Done
  4. Buy the new Iso Crystals -  57 left - Cost: 1,136,500 Silver, 20 SHIELD Points
    • ​36 regular crystals @ ~17,500 Silver a piece
    • 6 Chaotics for my agent's Trenches @ 24,000 Silver a piece
    • 1 Generalist Trench @ 100,000 Silver and 20 SHIELD Points
  1. Upgrade Flight Deck planes to lvl 6 - Cost: 600,000 Silver

02/24/2013 ​Total cost: 2,380,000 Silver, 20 SHIELD Points  / Time Needed: ~24 days

03/10/2013 Total cost: 2,279,000 Silver, 20 SHIELD Points / Time Needed ~23 days [Got set back a couple of days by setting up Hawkeye's alt costume and adding Mockingbird to the roster, which translates to another 200k worth of Iso I need. Add to that some light training of heroes and I'm not that far behind on my planning as I thought)

03/13/2013 Total cost: 1,859,000 Silver, 20 SHIELD Points / Time Needed: ~19 days [right on schedule again, so first week of April]

03/14/2013 Total cost: 1,736,500 Silver, 20 SHIELD Points / Time Needed ~18 days

03/25/2013 Total cost: 1,474,000 Silver, 20 SHIELD Points / Time Needed ~16 days [less progress than expected, but two more heroes added and leveling them a lot]

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