Let's talk about Spec Ops, baby!

Okay, so Spec Ops 9 came out a bit quicker than I expected (say, a couple of days) and messed with my research planning a bit. The first two days were spent researching that elusive fifth PvP page - which should have me fighting a bit better now - and as such, did not allow me to start on the Task 6 before this afternoon. Fortunately, every cloud has its silver lining, as this provided me with another two days ofr farming CP on everybody's new favourite: 12.2 (40 runs in and I'm up 150 CP). With what I had left over from the previous weeks (and having to buy War Machine and Union Jack) this leaves me about 25 CP shy of Punisher to complete the deploy trifecta. 

With a good 30 days left on the counter, I'm not too worried about missing out on Ms. Potts, with daily gifts and ally drops amounting to a rough total of 1800 extra Unstable Iso. With every mission needing two or three runs to finish, that should be more than enough to get it all done. 

Secondly, the new alternate costumes for Iron Man and Iron Patriot née War Machine. Another day, another CP to spend on them. 253 In all if I am so inclined to get all the limited edition variations, 116 if I stick to base classes. We'll see how richly filled my cache is by the end of this 30 day period.

Update One - Halfway there

[May 7th] One week into the Spec Ops and Rescue is almost within my grasp. The final research is running as we speak, my UIso reserves are at a semi-healthy 160 right now and Rhodey is enjoying his new paint job. Punisher, War Machine and Union Jack are starting to gain some levels and I might just buy the final upgrades for my planes before this is all said and done. Task 17 through 19 should be easy enough, with one run of M2 providing everything I need for them. And Task 21-24 (defeat 5 AIM Directors, get 10 UIso, Defeat Savin, 3 star M3) should be finished in two runs of M3.  

Update Two - Welcome aboard, Ms. Potts

[May 14th]Another week of getting UIso from gifts and allies made sure I got where I wanted to be in the end. Mission 3 took three runs instead of two, because I forgot to check my score before finishing. I could have saved 40 UIso and finished by Sunday instead of recruiting Rescue on Monday. The tasks did line up perfectly, though. One run of M3, then a second pass to get rid of the remaining directors. Followed by 10 UIso, 4 minibosses and kicking Savin's behind. Then a grueling three day wait to get the rest of the resources needed to do a final Epic run of Mission 2 and lo and behold, one more hero added to the roster. 

Back to the regular grind of getting my team up in levels and my roster fully recruited.

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