Well, at least there was about a weeks worth of respite to recharge the batteries before heading out into the fray again. The grand plan for this one: Get Hank Pym and be done with it. The level 100 upgrade is still underway, but that's mostly farming for silver to upgrade the Iso shards to crystals, so getting extra money from the Spec Ops won't hurt that much. PvP Season will end tomorrow, so assuming I can stay in Diamond range, I'll be content with that. 

Major turning points for this Spec Ops:

  1. Day 1: 2-star Mission 1, finish 1st research, do regular grind for CP, finish mission 2, start research 2, get some sleep.
  2. Day 2: Do Nitro, finish non-UIso tasks, saving some Unstable Iso for the research
  3. Day 3&4 Unwind with regular missions, stock up on Unstable Iso, wait for research to finish.
  4. Day 5 and onward: Work towards getting 3 stars on all three missions, needing 3 runs of mission 3 to finish, look at how much time I'm willing to spend on grinding CP for Cable and Wasp. (as opposed to just splurging the leftover Gold to buy them NOW) 

This should keep me occupied well into next week, even without the worrying about CP. Add to that the current bug that keeps me from finishing the Epic Boss as intended and I'll have even more time to farm.

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