[Februari 20th update]I've done it. Both Havok and Magneto have been added to the roster and are currently being used to complete the level 100 upgrade plan. Time to farm some more drops and get ready for the next event![end Update

[February 13th update] Task 24 has been completed and the daily gift grind for the last run of Mission 3 is underway. Only 2 more days and Havok shall be mine. This should give me some time to find out if that Iron Fist strategy PKB was talking about will work for me. Otherwise it's back to the drawing board and simply farm some more 4.4 in the meantime, because those CP need to keep rolling. (only 800 more for every <100 hero) [end update]

[February 6th update]Look at that, nearly 24 hours later, we're up to Task 24, and all it took was some luck with the deploy roulette and getting everything else in order. The M-Series counted as regular Sentinels and Havok Havok was having a blast with his Plasma Spheres. PvP practice took less time than the 20 minute deploy we ran to pass the time. And the Living Monolith was nothing to write home about. (Stand aside, man of Summer, Hercules can handle this) Now all that's left is getting 3 stars on every single mission and maybe shell out the CP to buy the heroes we're still missing.  So we need another 50 UIso for Mission 1,130 for Mission 2 and at least two more runs of Mission 3 at 160 each to get the job done. Grand total of 500 Unstable Iso, for which we have ample time (18 more days means 900 more Unstable Iso from gifts alone)[end Update]

Well, we're currently seven days into Spec Ops 6, and as usual there's no need to worry.Apart from the Unstable Iso-8 running out sooner than you'd want to, I have no complaints. Mission 1 and 2 were mostly a breeze, with 2 star results on both and only needing one more run to 3 star them. Mission 3 is still wide open, but hey, that's what the tasks are for. They require me to go through that one at least twice, so I might as well take advantage of that. The steps to take: 

  • Task 17: Defeat 10 M-Sentinels - After the January 31st update, those will have to come from Mission 3, with only 9 being available in a normal run. So we'll get those during the second run, making sure to get no more than 12 M-type Sentinels along the way to make sure that task 19 can be done without interfering with Magneto task 5.
  • Task 18: Get 2 star mastery on Mission 2 - Done and done.
  • Task 19: Use Havok's Plasma Spheres 3 times - How about that, poor little Blob or Toad will feel the wrath of Havok. I'll probably use the Xanthine Alkaloid Injector to ensure he has the juice to pull through 3 rounds of Spheres. Add in some protection from a shielder and we're ready to finish this one in a jiffy.
  • Task 20: Win 3 PvP Battles - 3 easy practice battles later, this will be a done deal
  • Task 21: Collect 20 Unstable Iso-8 - Luckily, allies will probably be spamming this throughout the Spec Ops duration, so getting 20 in the gift box should not prove hard.
  • Task 22: Collect 10 Lockboxes - This synergizes well with the Master of Magnetism task #5 - destroying 15 Sentinels. Just get up to 12 M-Series Sentinels prior to defeating one of the mini-bosses in task 19 and you'll be all set to cash in at least 8 more lockboxes. Add in two more Deploys you could do and we're up to a good shot at 10. And you could always try another shot at the second mini-boss. Otherwise it's back to going through another iteration of Mission 3 to finish off at
  • Task 23: Defeat the Living Monolith - Mission 3 Boss, we will face him if we want to get 3 stars on all missions, so he's mostly a given.
  • Task 24: Get 3 stars on all missions - Keep calm an farm on
  • Task 25: Defeat Green Goblin - Do Mission 3 until you get to the Epic Boss or, in my case, skip with your freshly earned Gold.

And after that we have one more blaster added to our roster, have approximately 15 days to go to farm lockboxes for Magneto and get up to lvl 100+ regions and finally fill out that fourth PvP page.

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