Bear in mind that this is all speculation, just my random rambling on what I would like to see in season 2 of the story.

Well, the release of Season 2 got put back a bit, but they did show some nice pictures of new icons, Selene and Sugar Man (please let him not give me any). I am also very much intrigued by the shot of a giant moon-like thing trying to crush Black Panther. But what it will all entail for the next couple of chapters, I could not say.

I want to fight supervillains in Wakanda, the Savage Land, Genosha, Latveria, the N-Zone, on Muir Island (I'd like to see why all my heroes keep doing their remote ops over there) or wherever they may roam. Sugar Man and Angel's alt might provide a way to get into Apocalypse country, or at least some nice Mr Sinister meddling. But this is an Avengers game, we're talking about, so other threats would be nice. Maybe the return of Kang or some Osborn-run Dark Avengers. (doesn't everybody love more Wolverine in a game?)

[I'll rework this one into an ongoing recording of my progress of Season 2 when it is released]

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