Stay Reasonable

People always say to dream the impossible, but most of the time it's a lot easier to stick to the more or less probable. Doubly so if you don't plan on spending too many hours a day on a game. (even if you do enjoy it thoroughly enough to be blogging about or, heavens forbid, spend some of your hard earned beer money on) Of course it helps to jot down your goals, as to prevent yourself from e.g. losing the mental tally on how many runs of 12.2 you still need to get that amount of CP you need for the next hero you want. And exactly for that reason I present my goals for the foreseeable future.

Finish Tier V Isotope-8 research

No denying it, if you want to keep up with enemies with improved stats in Challenge Mode, you'll have to invest in the best equipment you can get. And the fifth tier of of Iso-8 makes sure you always have something level appropriate to slot into. Then again, this will cost a bit of spare change to get fixed. In total it will cost nearly 1.6 million Silver and give or take 500 SHIELD Points to accomplish. Not to mention the Silver and SHIELD Points necessary to upgrade my menagerie. 

Progress: Done (Now it's just a matter of updating every couple of levels.)

Upgrade PvP Armory

PvP is a mixed bag of fun and time sink for me. I've been playing semi-competitively since Season 2 and I've been finishing in the lower echelons of Diamond.league. And I'd like that to change this time around. Due to the release of Chapter 12, farming CP has become easy enough that I feel confident I will not need any Gold to skip future Spec Ops tasks and I have a reasonable stash left. So I'll probably get the next iteration of the balanced PvP item, to boost my armory bonus up to 90k+

Progress: Bought 60 Empty Extremis Injectors -> Result: 97,020/97,020 Armory

[Post Season 8 update: Vibranium, top 2%, definitely an improvement.]

[Season 9: ended in the top Diamond end]

Recruit all Heroes

Get what you can, when you can. Currently I am missing 12 heroes and am trying to farm up a storm to get them all. Not counting any alternate costumes I might want, that's a whopping 1200 CP needed to get them all (with the caveat that Playdom would need to re-release Emma to make it possible) Of course, that's only the currently available ones, but with Shatterstar already being accounted for, another 90 CP hero won't really make that big of a difference in the long run. Ten runs of 12.2 a day should provide me with all the CP I need in less than two months.

Heroes still needed:

  • Tactician: Captain America, Red Hulk
  • Blaster: None
  • Bruiser: Hulk, Thor
  • Scrapper: Daredevil, Shatterstar, Wolverine
  • Infiltrator: Gambit, Satana (LB)
  • Generalist: Rogue

CP Collected: 290/858 CP

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