Well, hot on the heels of PvP Season 9 comes the awaited release of Daimon Hellstrom and his half-sister Satana.But first things first

Descent of the Archangel

I was very surprised to find some shiny gifts on my return to the PvP page when I awoke. Now I am not one to look a gift horse (or Apocalyptic warrior) in the mouth, so I will gladly make use of mr. Worthington and his quadruple team-up bonus to finish 6.6 just that little bit quicker.  There were errors in the scoring system, (there must be if it wass showing someone with 0 fights in the top 10, right?) but I am not going to dirty any more words on the subject.

The Devil Made Me Do It

Daimon Hellstrom, long awaited hero and probably the first of the self debuffind duo to enter my ranks. Day 4 has rolled around and the two day research is halfway done, just in time to herald in the second wave of Blackhearts my allies wil undoubtedly spawn. (And pray that at least some blasters are among them, so I can actually do the tasks without spending too much spare UIso) After defeating 5 infiltrator demons, it will be mostly clear sailing. And having 0 stars on Mission 3 will make getting another 8 Scrapper demons that much easier. Second run of Mission 2 is in progress, so that will take up the larger part of UIso I will need to spend up to task 24.

Day 4: Task 16 underway

Demon Woman

Day 9: Planning ahead paid off, as Daimon joined my ranks on Friday and is happily humming along to level 4. This of course left me low on UIso and with a lot of side tasks to be done. But I'm confident that Satana can be mine, just like every other lockbox hero. I'm 5-4 on covers, with two lockbox tasks and 4 more Blackheart waves to farm for them. That should be enough to likely get Satana.

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