• TJ Locke

    First blog here (I finally created my account)  - I just wanted to offer some PvP advice to people around my level (69).  I have learned a lot from PKB's blogs and I wanted to pass on some tips I've learned from my own experience.

    I have about half the heroes in the game, with most around level 8 or so.  Most of the opponents I face against have more heroes/higher levels.  Therefore, I was usually fighting at a disadvantage due to the vast difference in stats.  If you have a lot of heroes and more hero bonus than I did (averaging 150 for att/def/acc/eva and 1100 for hp during Season 4) - you have access to more strategies and perhaps my blog doesn't apply to you.

    FYI, I have spent some money to get the Quantum Jumper and some PvP armory item…

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