I'm bored, so I figured I would just ramble on about how I went about recruiting my heroes. They are in no particular order.

Iron Man

Iron Man Recruited Old


A long and very interesting story. I logged in and got him.

Black Widow

Black Widow Recruited Old

Yet another long and intersting tale. After Iron Man, I got her for free.


Hawkeye Recruited Old

A very risky buy. He cost me 1 CP, and that was all I had at the time.

Black Cat

Black Cat Recruited Old

I bought Black Cat for the Epic Boss in 2.3 to farm CP. I made back the 23 it cost fairly quickly.

Captain America

Captain America Recruited Old

Cap was bought for no reason other than PvP. In his WW2 outfit, he is a great tank to have. Also decent against Human Torch and Blaster Dr. Strange.


Colossus Recruited Old

He was my first bruiser, and at only 23 CP, he is actually pretty good.


Cyclops Recruited Old

The first hero I actually recruited, and I don't regret it. Cyke is actully a very good hero to have.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange Recruited Old

Dr. Strange was bought for PvP. In his Modern suit, Vapors of Valtorr is amaingly good, due to causing Soulfire and Bane.


Hulk Recruited Old

My very first 90 CP hero, he was the best bruiser at the time, before Herc came along.

Human Torch

Human Torch Recruited Old

Torch was bought because, like Cyclops, I loved him in the comics and he turned out to be a great hero in this game.

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman Recruited Old

I bought her due to her being only 15 CP, and was one of my first Infiltrators, alongside Spidey.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist Recruited Old

He was the second hero I recruited because I needed a Scrapper, and he isn't half-bad.

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde Recruited Old

I bought her when I went back to buy all the cheaper heroes. I didn't care for her in the comics though.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage Recruited Old

Same reason I bought Kitty, I wanted all the cheaper heroes.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel Recruited Old

Same reason I bought Kitty, I wanted all the cheaper heroes.


She-Hulk Recruited Old

Same reason I bought Kitty, I wanted all the cheaper heroes.


Sif Recruited Old

Same reason I bought Kitty, I wanted all the cheaper heroes.


Spider-Man Recruited Old

He was my second 90 CP hero and my second or third Infiltrator. Not a bad hero.


Storm Recruited Old

4.4. That is all

War Machine

War Machine Recruited Old

I really needed more Tacticians, so i bought him. Not a bad hero to have, once you level him up.


Wolverine Recruited Old

I bought him for Spec Ops 5.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Recruited Old

I bought her, like Cap, for PvP.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost Recruited Old

I missed Spec Ops 2, so as a collecter, I bought her for 200 CP when she came out. Don't regret it all.


Magik Recruited Old

I missed most of Spec Ops 3, and I knew I couldn't farm the CP need in time, so i just went for all the weapons. i bought Magik for 200 CP later.


Quicksilver Recruited Old

I bought him for Spec Ops 4.


Deadpool Recruited Old

I loved him in the comics, so I decided to get him.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Recruited Old

Got him from Spec Ops 4.


Beast Recruited Old

I got him for Spec Ops 5 and because he is a Generalist.


Valkyrie Recruited Old

I got her from Spec Ops 5

More Soon

As I recruit more heroes, I'll add them here.

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