I think we all know that we have a week (maybe less) after Spec Ops 5 ends until the next one comes out, so we should start to think about who we might need.

My Speculation

This blog is nothing more than speculation and ideas of who may be coming up, this is by no means official. With that said, lets jump in.

Almost Guarenteed

As seen in the past, the most recent heroes are always deploys, so that means we will almost definitley see Tigra, and probably see Deadpool, due to him having a set price now.

Possible Heroes

We also will see heroes that not many like or use, and they will cost 33-90 CP, so we may see the following: 

  • Mr. Fantastic (33 CP, so unlikley, but we'll see)
  • Spider-Woman (A possibility, but due to her now having a Epic, we'll have to see)
  • Thing (Again, due to him costing 33 CP, we'll have to see)
  • Nightcrawler (A strong possibilty, due to him being 48 CP and everyone hating him, but he already had a Spec Ops, so maybe)
  • Phoenix (Possible, but unlikely)
  • War Machine (Noone uses him, so he is a strong possibility)
  • Black Panther (Yet another strong possibility)
  • Thor (Possible, but he seems to be used a fair amount)
  • Cable (If released in time, possibly as only 200 won him on PD)

We can probably narrow this list down even more, by having it be only heroes with no (recent) Spec Ops and costing at least 48 CP, the common price for the heroes:

  • Mr. Fantastic (Costs 33 CP, but still possible as he unlocks nothing at all)
  • Phoenix (Still a possibility)
  • War Machine (Still a strong possibility)
  • Thor (Again, used a bit in PvP, but still possible)
  • Cable (If he is released in time, probably due to few people winning him)

Your Thoughts

Let me know who you think we will see in the comments and lets start farming, as Spec Ops 6 is coming soon.

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